Bengal Kittens in South West

See what our previous Bengal Kitten owners in South West have to say about Angeldust Bengals

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Bengal Kitten - Christchurch

We recently welcomed two new additions to our home from Angeldust Bengals. They are both absolutely stunning, with the most beautiful markings and colour. They have great temperaments, and are playful and curious. We are delighted and would most definitely recommend Angeldust Bengals. Reena is so attentive and helpful.

Joanne, Christchurch, Dorset
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Bengal Kitten - Westbury

I am so grateful to have found Reena and Angeldust Bengals. It is clear that Reena has done a fantastic job raising my kitten and preparing her for her new home. from the moment she arrived, she was extremely friendly and settles straight away. Reena has supported me at every stage with any queries and questions i have had, and she clearly knows her stuff. It has been an easy, smooth experience, with a very professional, friendly and knowledgeable breeder. If you are looking for a Bengal kitten, I would strongly recommend that you consider Reena. I can't thank her enough for my gorgeous, little Bengal.

Lewis , Westbury, Wiltshire
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Bengal Kitten - Hucclecote

Having previously had two Bengals, this is a breed I adore due to their huge personalities. I spent many months researching breeders, looking at websites and reading testimonials. I chose to speak to Reena as her kittens are stunning and her testimonials glowing. When I spoke to Reena, my early impressions had been justified, in that she is a caring breeder, whose primary interest lies in the welfare of her breeding cats and kittens. She is focused on breeding healthy kittens and invests a great deal of time to ensure they are well socialised. When our kitten arrived she was hugely confident and affectionate with both adults and children. Reena's follow up is also very much appreciated. I can confidently recommend Angeldust Bengals as a breeder with animal welfare at the heart of their breeding programme, and healthy, happy kittens as a result.

Tracey, Hucclecote, Gloucestershire
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Bengal Kitten - Bath

I can't recommend Angeldust Bengals highly enough. The whole process was expertly managed, from beginning to end, and we felt supported and informed throughout. Reena's wealth of knowledge and advice, coupled with her personal touch, makes for a truly exceptional service. We are over the moon with our beautiful Bengal boy.

Kate, Bath, Somerset
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Bengal Kitten - Minchinhampton

Our Angeldust Bengal, Jagger, is an absolute delight. She has already brought so much joy to everyday life. She settled into our home very quickly. She has the most beautiful features, her coat is luscious and glistens. She has an abundant personality and she makes us laugh everyday. She loves to snuggle on our laps. Jagger has completed our home.

Shaun, Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire
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Bengal Kitten - Newent

When searching for a breeder I was hoping to find someone that wasn't breeding kittens as a commodity and Reena is really the furtherest thing from this. Throughout the whole process of buying our kitten, Reena put our minds at ease, sent photos and kept us in the loop. Very honestly, you could not find a better breeder that is so invested in every cat and kitten. Her after care is as important as breeding the kittens. Her customer care is superb and she cares as much as you do. Her connection with her animals is great. If you are lucky enough to reserve an Angeldust kitten, take the chance! Thank you Reena.

Thomas, Newent, Gloucestershire

Bengal Kitten - Stoke Gifford

Reena is absolutely fantastic. She was so helpful throughout the whole process, providing guidance and support where needed. My kitten, Amira, is a beautiful, healthy girl, who is highly glittered with remarkable markings. I couldn't be more pleased. She is the sweetest girl and a testament at how well Reena cares for her cats. She is so well socialised, and such a happy and confident kitten. The only time she stops purring is when she is asleep. Whether we are playing or she is lying next to me while I work, she is a delight! I am so please to have a kitten from Angeldust Bengals and would recommend them to everyone looking for a Bengal kitten.

Sara, Stoke Gifford, Gloucestershire

Bengal Kitten - Bath

A huge thank you to Reena and Angeldust Bengals. Our two Bengal kittens (Ralph and Lila) are completely adorable and have settled into our family home brilliantly. Reena was great at sending videos and photos, and kept us up to date before their arrival. It's clear that they have come from a loving home and have been very well socialised. Both kittens already have big personalities of their own. They make us laugh constantly and are very confident and affectionate with us and each other. They are also just stunning to look at!

Laurel, Bath, Somerset

Bengal Kitten - Bath

Reena has been fabulously supportive and informative throughout. Haku is a confident, gorgeous, happy and very social kitten, full of mischief and always looking for his next adventure. We love him to bits and he has settled very nicely into our home.

Morgan, Bath, Somerset

Bengal Kitten - Barnstaple

We are the very lucky owners of Fiadh, who arrived with us yesterday. Although she has been here less than 24 hours, I have never seen a more settled and socialised kitten. Thank you Angeldust Bengals - you are doing a brilliant job! I will be back to get Fiadh a playmate in the future.

Pauline, Barnstaple, Devon

Bengal Kitten - Newent

I did much research into finding the right breeder after losing our last Bengal after only three years. Reena is very knowledgeable and reassuring and understands the breed so well. Reena really took her time to talk to us. It was apparent just how well our kitten had been socialised and how much human contact she had as soon as we got home as she settled in straight away. It was obvious how well she had been taken care of. She also has the most stunning markings. Reena takes her breeding program very seriously and really cares about her cats. I would recommend anyone looking for a Bengal kitten to go to Reena at Angeldust.

Sarah, Newent, Gloucestershire

Bengal Kitten - Upper Cam

We bought a beautiful snow lynx kitten from Angeldust, who is simply gorgeous, extremely friendly, sociable, inquisitive and playful. She adjusted really well to our home, settling in so quickly with our family and other cats. Reena was so kind and really efficient to deal with. Thank you Reena!

Fiona, Upper Cam, Gloucestershire

Bengal Kitten - Neston

We are absolutely thrilled with our two beautiful and very happy Angeldust bengal kittens. Reena has been amazingly supportive and has answered all our questions along the way.

Stephanie, Neston, Wiltshire