Tsar: Brown Rosetted Male

SIRE: Kanpur Dreamboat
DAM: Oasisbengals Love Story


FIV & FeLV: Negative
PKdef: Normal
PRA Bengal: Normal
PKD: Normal
PRA rdAc: Normal

HCM   : Normal
COLOUR GENETICS: A/A2/C/C/D/D   Brown Rosetted

Tsar has come to us from Russia and we are totally blown away by him. We searched and waited for a very long time for this incredible brown rosetted prodigy, with his cutting edge pattern. His giant rosettes look like they have been tattooed onto his body and he has the most striking colour, contrast and clarity of markings. He is a very large Bengal, and still growing, with a big boned and muscular body. He has a straight profile, a wild expression and a beautiful head. He also has a perfect, glass like coat. To top all of this off, he is so loving and affectionate, and adores his cuddles. We believe Tsar is a real force to be reckoned with and It is hard to explain just how honoured we are to have such a magnificent, breath taking, Bengal with us. We can't wait to see his kittens.


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