When we contacted Reena about buying one of her Bengal kittens, we asked a lot of questions. She took the time to answer every one of them extensively and she was more than happy to give us any information that we asked for. We were given regular updates about our kitten, and the whole process was so smooth from start to finish. Angeldust Bengals take care of every last detail, including transferring vets notes, neutering, microchipping, insurance, and even organising a wonderful DEFRA licensed pet courier to deliver our kitten safe and sound. Our kitten is so well adjusted, loving, and affectionate. She has settled in brilliantly and very quickly. She is such a confident and curious little girl, and just loves to cuddle and play. I would highly recommend Angeldust Bengals to anyone looking to get a Bengal kitten. Our kitten is perfect and Reena's service is wonderful.
Emily, Clynder, Helensburgh
We conducted a lot of research when looking for our new Bengal kitten, and wanted to make sure we were only dealing with a respected and well recognised breeder. It was evident from the outset that Reena's top priority is the health and well being of her animals, and we had complete confidence in our decision to choose Angeldust Bengals. Her communication was excellent throughout and the supportive information she provides is incredibly helpful, making us feel well prepared for our kitten. We want to thank Angeldust Bengals for our adorable new family member.
Jonathan, East Horsley, Surrey
Our experience of adopting two new friends with Angeldust Bengals was fantastic. Reena's professionalism was evident, from start to finish. She provided detailed instructions, addressed all my queries and dealt with everything seamlessly. Our Bengal kittens are not only healthy and good looking, but have the most wonderful temperaments. They have such a kind and gentle nature when playing with our children, and they adapted very quickly to their new home. I highly recommend Angeldust Bengals for anyone seeking a professional breeder that produces both delightful and incredibly well socialised Bengals.
Nadya, Westminster, London
As soon as we brought the cat carrier into our home and let our two Bengal kittens out, they immediately started playing with us. We couldn't believe how comfortable they were in a completely new environment with new people. Within 20 minutes they were cuddling up with us and it felt like they had been here forever. Reena raises the most loving and affectionate kittens and we highly recommend Angeldust Bengals.
Nabeela, Preston, Lancashire
Buying our two kittens from Angeldust Bengals has been such a wonderful experience. We were kept up to date with our kittens development, and sent photos as they grew. Reena communicates so clearly, and has been easily accessible even after our kittens came home to answer all our questions. Her knowledge, understanding, love and care towards her cats and kittens is clearly evident. Our kittens settled in so well and are playful, inquisitive, and have exceptional personalities. I highly recommend Angeldust Bengals if you are looking for a Bengal kitten.
Subhashish, Lichfield, Staffordshire
I have nothing but great things to say about Reena and Angeldust Bengals. Reena has great communication, is very professional, and has been so easy to talk to in the months before getting our kitten. She has done a remarkable job in socialising and raising our new Bengal kitten. Cinnabun has such a sweet and loving temperament. She loves attention and loves cuddling. She never hid when she arrived and within 20 minutes of being here, she was playing. She is active, very healthy, and has such beautiful rosettes and glitter coat. It is absolutely clear that Reena is highly attentive and cares very much about the well being of her cats and kittens. We are so happy and thankful that we found such a great breeder. I highly recommend Reena and Angeldust Bengals.
Chrystal , Red Lodge, Suffolk
I had such a positive experience with Angeldust Bengals. Reena's communication was excellent throughout the process and was always helpful and timely. Her supportive information meant that my Bengal kitten settled quickly into his new environment. He is beautiful and so friendly. I would have no hesitation at all in recommending Angeldust Bengals should you wish to own a Bengal.
Derek, Derby, Derbyshire
Reena is absolutely fantastic. She was so helpful throughout the whole process, providing guidance and support where needed. My kitten, Amira, is a beautiful, healthy girl, who is highly glittered with remarkable markings. I couldn't be more pleased. She is the sweetest girl and a testament at how well Reena cares for her cats. She is so well socialised, and such a happy and confident kitten. The only time she stops purring is when she is asleep. Whether we are playing or she is lying next to me while I work, she is a delight! I am so please to have a kitten from Angeldust Bengals and would recommend them to everyone looking for a Bengal kitten.
Sara, Stoke Gifford, Gloucestershire
We are delighted with the care, professionalism, and friendly approach of Reena at Angeldust Bengals. We had never had a cat before, and Reena always provided quick and knowledgeable responses to all our questions. Arwen, our kitten, is bright, healthy, beautiful, and affectionate. She had settled in within five minutes of being here and was exploring her new home. She is so snuggly and loves lots of cuddles. She has clearly been very well socialised. We can't thank Angeldust Bengals enough for our kitten.
Denise, Bury, Greater Manchester
We are so happy with Ziggy, our beautiful, new Bengal kitten. Reena of Angeldust Bengals has been fabulous. Everything she does is with love and care. She has been so helpful, and her advice and support through the process has been great. Thank you Reena and Angeldust Bengals.
Hiroma, Marylebone, London
Our new family member, Vesper, is a very affectionate, happy, playful, healthy, and well socialised kitten. She is a stunning Bengal, with gorgeous markings. We take our animal choices very seriously as a family and Reena has been a fantastic breeder to work with and we are very pleased. She provided such helpful information, and she performs a barrage of tests on her breeding cats which gave us confidence about our kittens genetic health. I would highly recommend Reena to anyone seeking a very special Bengal kitten.
Antonia, Shoreham, Kent
Angeldust Bengals have been nothing but perfect. Reena is knowledgeable, informative, and always at the end of the line for any questions and support, and that doesn't end once you have your kitten! We now have the most special and best looking Bengal we ever could have asked for. He is so loving, and just perfect. Thank you Angeldust Bengals for the new addition to our family.
Sean, Norwich, Norfolk
I want to express my deepest gratitude for the exceptional care, genuine kindness, and clear and concise communication that we experienced when purchasing our Bengal kitten from Angeldust Bengals. Reena's dedication to ensuring that we had a positive experience has left a lasting impression on us. From the moment we first reached out to enquire about buying a Bengal kitten, Reena was incredibly helpful, responsive and friendly. Her knowledge and passion for these magnificent cats was evident in every interaction we had. She willingly answered all our questions, no matter how trivial. She made the entire process so positive and seamless. Her attention to detail and her commitment to transparency (unusual for a breeder) reassured us that we were making the right choice. Moreover, the care and love Reena showed our kitten while he was at Angeldust Bengals was exceptional, and he received the very best start in life. He is healthy, playful, well socialised and affectionate, and it was clear what a nurturing environment Reena provides her kittens. Reena's dedication to her work shines through, and her commitment to her beautiful cats is admirable. We feel incredibly fortunate to have found Angeldust Bengals and to have had the pleasure of dealing with Reena. Our kitten, Ezekiel, has quickly become a cherished member of our family, bringing us joy, laughter and endless cuddles. He has seamlessly adjusted to his new home, which is a testament to all the care and love he received from Angeldust Bengals. We wholeheartedly recommend Angeldust Bengals to anyone seeking to buy a Bengal kitten, knowing that they will receive the same exceptional care and service that we have.
Matt, Bermondsey, London
I cannot recommend Angeldust Bengals too highly. From the first contact with Reena I knew I was dealing with a very professional and experienced breeder. We now have the most stunning Bengal boy, Babu, who is confident, and highly sociable. He has been well worth the wait from Angeldust Bengals and it is clear he is from a long, strong line of remarkable Bengals. He has stunning markings, a gorgeously silky and smooth coat, and a beautiful lithe physique. The whole process with Angeldust Bengals is so well thought out and very clearly communicated. Every single aspect of her kittens' care is taken into account, from health, genetics, environmental and social. Reena is very organised, and makes kittens' transitions to their new homes as easy as possible, even if you have never owned a Bengal before. Babu arrived litter trained, and has settled in so well. He is affectionate and it is clear how carefully he has been socialised. Thank you Reena - you really couldn't have done any better!
Sarah, Kingston, Cambridgeshire
We are so pleased we chose Reena and Angeldust Bengals. Both our kittens are confident, litter trained, healthy, well adjusted and affectionate. It is very evident just how much love, stimulation and social interaction they were given before they arrived with us. Reena was so responsive and remains so. Nala and Tika settled immediately and are very alert and clever. In fact, too clever for our peace of mind! They are beyond beautiful. Thank you Reena.
Katina, Watford, London
We want to thank Reena from the bottom of our hearts for our new family addition. Asha is absolutely stunning, with the most perfect markings, and a confident, curious personality. We are totally besotted with her. The whole experience with Angeldust Bengals has been great, right from the very first conversation, right through to Asha's adoption. Thank you again Reena.
Andy, Liverpool, Merseyside
Rupert is our new addition to our small family. During our research process, it became very apparent that Angeldust Bengals was perfect for us. Regular communication from Reena made the whole process effortless. It was apparent within the first couple of hours that Rupert was home with us that he is a confident, curious and well socialised boy. Thank you Reena.
Jane, Methley, West Yorkshire
From first reading the website, right through to getting my beautiful Bengal kitten, my journey with Angeldust Bengals has been absolutely brilliant. Reena is meticulous in every bit of what she does as a breeder and it really shows. You can see how loved my kitten, Nala, has been. She is a joy to be around and is playful, happy and inquisitive. Her character is exceptional. I have loved how Reena has been able to answer everything I asked. I am over the moon with my little ray of sunshine. Angeldust Bengals is fantastic in every way.
Nichola, Caddishead M
Buying a kitten from Angeldust Bengals has been such a fantastic experience right from the first contact. Reena is a fantastic communicator, has been very clear throughout everything, has answered any questions we have had, sent great updates and pictures, and has been extremely helpful in our preparations for the arrival of our kitten. Milo, our kitten, is absolutely stunning, well socialised and such a sweet kitten. I genuinely don't believe that any other breeder offers a better service to make such a dream come true. I would absolutely have another kitten from Angeldust Bengals and would recommend them to anybody interested in adding another Bengal to their family. We will always be grateful.
Adrienne , Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
Our experience with Reena has been outstanding, and we couldn't be happier with the service and support she has provided. Our kitten, Bao, is a delight, and we have been blown away by her friendly and confident demeanour, as well as her stunning appearance. Reena has done an excellent job socialising her, and she very quickly settled into our home, exploring and playing with us. We are grateful for Reena's commitment to breeding healthy, well socialised kittens, and we can't recommend her enough to anyone in search of a furry companion. Thank you Reena for bringing such joy and love into our lives.
Marianne, Wakefield, West Yorkshire
We are so pleased at how everything went when we got our kitten from Angeldust Bengals. Communication was so easy with Reena from the very beginning, and she clearly explained the process, and gave us all the information we needed to care for our beautiful kitten from the start. Our kitten has a perfect coat, he is very affectionate, and wasn't at all scared when he arrived, playing so soon after he got here. We would recommend Angeldust Bengals if you are looking for a truly beautiful Bengal kitten.
Laura, Totteridge and Whetstone, London
The service I have received from Angeldust Bengals has been outstanding. I have a beautiful, full of life kitten who was fully settled within just a few days. I have received so much support from Reena, who I couldn't recommend enough. I would have another kitten from her in a heartbeat.
Harry, Dudley, West Midlands
After losing our Maine Coon girl, we did a lot of research to find the right breeder for our new kitten. We decided on the Bengal and, trust me, you will not find a better breeder than Reena from Angeldust. Our Enzo is a beautiful, intelligent boy. I could write an essay about the support from Reena, and how well our kitten was prepared to live in a new home with complete strangers. There is one thing you need to know, you can stop looking at breeders as you have found the right one in Angeldust Bengals.
Marcin, Leeds, West Yorkshire
We wholeheartedly recommend Angeldust Bengals if you are looking for an extra special Bengal kitten to join your family. Reena kept us updated on our boy's progress as we waited for him to be ready to join us. He is super healthy, intelligent, and so affectionate which is a testament to the care he received in Reena's loving hands. Thank you Reena, we cannot begin to express the sheer joy that you and our kitten, Albie have contributed to our family.
Justine, Appleton-le-Street, North Yorkshire
We have just had a new addition to our family; a beautiful, affectionate, adventurous and playful kitten from Angeldust Bengals. Reena is clearly very passionate about her gorgeous Bengals and has been amazing. She has kept us updated throughout, provided very useful care information and a welcome pack. Nala has adapted to our family life far quicker than we had expected and has the most amazing personality. It's very clear that she has been well loved and cared for by Reena. I really can't thank Reena enough and would definitely recommend Angeldust Bengals to anybody looking for a Bengal kitten.
Stacey, Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire
We have two beautiful, thriving and incredibly well trained Bengals from Angeldust Bengals. Reena was amazing from the start and all the way through the process. Our vet couldn't be more complimentary about how healthy and well cared for our kittens were by Angeldust. Thank you so much.
Christopher, Westcombe Park, London
We have just bought our gorgeous Bengal, Findus, from Angeldust Bengals. Reena has been brilliant from day one and still is, operating with the highest level of professionalism and integrity, and is genuinely caring. Findus is everything we hoped for - healthy, energetic, curious and adorable. He's a complete joy! We are so grateful and can't thank Reena enough. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Angeldust Bengals.
Tarik, Winchmore Hill, London
Buying an Angeldust Bengal kitten has been the best experience I have ever had. From the moment I reached out to Reena, everything was done in a timely, friendly and professional manner. My kitten is beautiful, super loving and relaxed around people. He settled in with me immediately and I have a little companion for life. Reena is amazing with constant support and the desire for me to have a great experience with my kitten. Thank you so much Reena and Angeldust Bengals for doing an outstanding job.
Ehsun, Woolwich, London
Both our boys from Angeldust Bengals have so clearly been very well socialised. They weren't even phased by meeting new people immediately on arrival! Throughout the process Reena has been very supportive and i greatly appreciated the photo updates. I happily recommend Angeldust Bengals to anyone considering having a Bengal in their lives.
Steven, Billericay, Essex
We recently welcomed two new additions to our home from Angeldust Bengals. They are both absolutely stunning, with the most beautiful markings and colour. They have great temperaments, and are playful and curious. We are delighted and would most definitely recommend Angeldust Bengals. Reena is so attentive and helpful.
Joanne, Christchurch, Dorset
Our two Angeldust Bengals are a joy and have been with us for three months now. I spent a lot of time researching breeders before contacting Reena and, from that very first day, she has been first class. She is professional, friendly and has an obvious depth of knowledge that sadly isn't the norm. The boys had settled within only a few hours. We follow Reena's recommendations on diet, health and play and they continue to flourish. I can't recommend Angeldust Bengals enough.
David, Loughton, Essex
We have had a brilliant experience with Angeldust Bengals, from beginning to end. Our two girls are beautiful in looks and in personality. We cannot thank Reena enough for completing our family. Her professionalism and communication throughout has been exceptional and you can see her passion and care in the kittens. I can't recommend Reena enough.
Molly, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire
We had a fantastic experience from start to finish with Angeldust Bengals. From the moment we saw Shanti, it was love at first sight and our hearts melted. Straight away at home, Shanti was so interested in us and her new surroundings. It was clear to see that Reena had done a fantastic job socialising our beautiful baby. She had settled in within a matter of hours. Angeldust Bengals are very professional and took care of everything. Our vet was provided with Shanti's veterinary notes and Reena provided an information pack with information about everything we could possibly need for our new kitten. Reena clearly cares about all her cats and kittens and they are given the very best start in life. 5 stars!
Sarah, Edinburgh
A huge thank you to Reena and Angeldust Bengals. Our two Bengal kittens (Ralph and Lila) are completely adorable and have settled into our family home brilliantly. Reena was great at sending videos and photos, and kept us up to date before their arrival. It's clear that they have come from a loving home and have been very well socialised. Both kittens already have big personalities of their own. They make us laugh constantly and are very confident and affectionate with us and each other. They are also just stunning to look at!
Laurel, Bath, Somerset
Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted a beautiful Bengal. I found Angeldust Bengals and Reena, who has been amazing throughout the whole process. She provided all the information I needed on how to look after and raise a Bengal and she made it such a smooth process. And a girl my new kitten is - absolutely beautiful! Everyone comments on her markings and her temperament is just perfect. I am so happy with Angeldust and am now waiting for a little boy from them. I cannot recommend them enough.
Louise, Curbridge, Hampshire
From the moment, Lord Sirius and Lady Lumi arrived, they were curious, sweet, funny, playful and interactive. They are the most wonderful natured kittens and so beautiful. They settled in straight away, even using the litter tray. Reena has been fantastic, responding to all my queries, keeping me updated throughout, sending regular photo updates, a care booklet and always kept me informed about how they were doing. I would recommend Angeldust to anyone purchasing a Bengal and I would definitely return if I were to add another Bengal to the family. I took the kittens to the vet for a health check up and the vet was so complimentary about the stunning kittens and commented about the very caring breeder. A big thanks to Reena for her caring, professional attitude and all her work towards excellent breeding. The kittens had the best start!
Jenny, St Helier, Jersey
I am so grateful to have found Reena and Angeldust Bengals. It is clear that Reena has done a fantastic job raising my kitten and preparing her for her new home. from the moment she arrived, she was extremely friendly and settles straight away. Reena has supported me at every stage with any queries and questions i have had, and she clearly knows her stuff. It has been an easy, smooth experience, with a very professional, friendly and knowledgeable breeder. If you are looking for a Bengal kitten, I would strongly recommend that you consider Reena. I can't thank her enough for my gorgeous, little Bengal.
Lewis , Westbury, Wiltshire
Our beautiful kitten has settled into his new home better than I ever thought possible! There is no doubt that it is Reena's expert knowledge and experience with Bengals that is responsible for such an easy transition and the fact that he is the most affectionate and happy kitten. We can't thank you enough Reena.
Chris, Troutbeck Bridge, Cumbria
I am so happy that we chose Angeldust Bengals. Reena was very supportive throughout the process. Everything went smoothly and we now have a beautiful snow mink kitten. Elsa settled so quickly, and is playful and affectionate. Angeldust Bengals did such an amazing job rearing and socialising our baby. Thank you very much Reena.
Francesca, Westhoughton, Greater Manchester
We are so pleased that we found Reena at Angeldust Bengals. Charlie, our kitten, is amazing, strong and bright. The advice and support from Reena was excellent - a very professional service from a top quality Bengal breeder.
Sharon, Blyth, Northumberland
We absolutely adore our kittens from Angeldust. Reena was so attentive and helpful throughout the entire process, and the wait was really worth it. Our kittens are energetic, friendly, gorgeous and so well behaved. Our vet was also impressed with their health and records. We cannot recommend Angeldust enough and we are so grateful for our little bundles of love.
Reagan, Market Harborough, Leicestershire
Angeldust Bengals have been amazing from the first contact, right through to getting our kitten. Reena has always been prompt to respond to my queries and has answered every single question. We received regular photo updates and were kept informed on how she was doing. Our kitten had been so well taken care of by Reena and had completely settled into our home within an hour. She has been so well socialised and has a beautiful temperament. She is very playful, but also loves to cuddle. She is the most perfect kitten! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Angeldust Bengals and would certainly return if we extend our family. My heartfelt thanks to Reena for her caring, professional attitude and all her work towards excellent breeding.
Georgina, Beverley, East Yorkshire
From start to finish, our experience with Reena and Angeldust has been a fantastic one. Everything has been prompt, personal, organised and well communicated throughout. It is clear that Reena cares as much about the care of her animals, as the care of her customers, which is very refreshing. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Angeldust to anyone wishing to purchase a Bengal kitten and know they will be well looked after. I'm very happy with our furry, chatterbox and it's lovely to know that other people will be fortunate enough to have the same experience as we have.
Sophie, Ollerton, Nottinghamshire
I did a lot of research to find the right breeder for a new snow lynx Bengal kitten, and it certainly paid off when I found Reena and Angeldust Bengals. Reena is extremely knowledgeable and professional , and it is obvious how much she cares about her cats and kittens. The experience of working with Reena has been a pleasure from the first contact through to getting our gorgeous boy, Lumi. The service she offers is outstanding and we couldn't be happier.
Laira, Maidenhead, Berkshire
Once we were ready to welcome a Bengal kitten into our home, we had to find a reputable breeder. Reena and Angeldust Bengals ticked all the boxes, making the whole process a joy, smooth and worry free. From the initial contact, right through to getting our kitten, Reena has been available for any questions we had. This resulted in the transition to his new home being as smooth as possible and allowed him to settle into his new surroundings very quickly. The care document and welcome pack are very useful. The biggest endorsement of Reena is how well our kitten has already been brought up. He's very sociable and chatty. He enjoys playing as much as having cuddles and is a welcome addition to our household. I would have no hesitation in recommending Angeldust Bengals to anyone looking for a Bengal kitten of their own.
Robert, Islington, London
I want to thank Reena so much for letting us have one her kittens. Cleo has settled into our home so well and is so friendly and affectionate. She loves cuddles and loves playing. She is very sociable, which is a testament to the upbringing and care that Reena has given her. She has beautiful rosettes and a glittery coat, absolutely lovely. Reena's communication with me, from the initial enquiry to when she came home, has been excellent, updating us with photos and information. It is obvious just how much Reena cares for her kittens. We are delighted with the new member of our family.
Cherina , Southport, Merseyside
We can't recommend Angeldust Bengals enough. Our beautiful kitten, Rosie, has only been with us for two days and has taken no time at all to settle in her new home. She is confident, cuddly, playful and extremely socialble. We have taken her to our vet for her health check which she passed with flying colours and our vet commented on the excellence of her breeder. She is the perfect family pet and we are absolutely delighted. Thank you Reena, we are besotted.
Rachel, Crofton, West Yorkshire
I can honestly say that from the minute I contacted Angeldust Bengals to the minute my kitten, Gem, arrived, I could not have wished for a more caring, professional breeder. Gem is the most stunning snow lynx I have ever seen. The updates and contact were outstanding. Wow! Wow! Wow! I couldn't recommend Reena enough.
Gillian, Ingelby, Lincolnshire
We can't thank Reena enough for our absolutely perfect snow lynx Bengal, Maya. Maya is really adorable. From the moment she arrived, our hearts melted and her wonderful character shone through. She is extremely friendly and affectionate. She loves a fuss and being stroked, purrs loudly and has fallen asleep on our knees many times. She is curious, confident, playful, funny, gentle when handled, litter trained and beautiful! She passed her vet check with flying colours. It is clear just how well socialised and well cared for Maya has been from birth. She is the first cat we have owned and we asked lots of questions, both before and after arrival. Reena always answered promptly and expertly. I would recommend Angeldust Bengals to anyone, without hesitation.
Nicola, Halkyn, Flintshire
Reena has made getting our kitten such a smooth process and kept us informed with updates and photos once the litter was born. Luna was so calm when she arrived. She is very confident and always up for cuddles. Reena has supported us and is always on hand to answer any questions. We are Bengal converts now and will be back in touch with Angeldust in the coming years.
Matt, Birmingham, West Midlands
We are delighted with Waffle, our snow mink kitten. He is so well socialised and settled in very quickly. Reena gave us all the information we needed and more! It's clear that she wants the very best for her kittens and are we are so pleased we chose her.
Selena, Heaton Chapel, Greater Manchester
It has been a pleasure for get a Bengal from Angeldust Bengals. The process has been smooth, with great communication. We now have a perfect new member of our family who was immediately settled, playful and our daughter's new best friend. He is stunning! Thank you Reena
Hannah, Southampton, Hampshire
Having wanted a Bengal for a number of years, we were finally able to take the plunge and invite a new addition into our home. After much research to find a suitable breeder, we settled on Reena. Without a doubt Reena is one of the top Bengal breeders. After talking to Reena about purchasing a kitten, it became immediately obvious that she was the right person for us. The wait is long, but we were prepared for it, and we wouldn't go elsewhere. When we finally got our kitten, we weren't disappointed. She is an absolutely gorgeous example of a brown rosetted Bengal. She settled in extremely quickly. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Reena, if you are looking for nothing but the best. If I can persuade my wife in the coming months to let me add to a friend for Kira, we will be back for another.
Daniel, Barnham, Suffolk
I can't thank Angeldust Bengals enough for our beautiful Princess Ruby. She immediately settled in with us. She is playful, loving, extremely affectionate and so beautiful, with her velvet glitter coat and large rosettes. Reena has been full of information and guidance, and has always been on hand to answer any questions I have asked. Her knowledge of the Bengal breed is outstanding and there isn't anything she doesn't know about them. I cannot recommend Angeldust Bengals enough and long may our relationship continue.
Dawn, Burton on Trent, Staffordshire
We have acquired our very first Bengal from Angeldust Bengals, having been recommended by a friend. We can't speak highly enough of the service that Reena provides. Our kitten, Doolally, is an absolute delight - affectionate, well socialised and litter trained. Reena's advice is very comprehensive and she thinks of everything. If you do need any clarification or are unsure about anything, she responds very promptly. Reena combines friendly approachability with enormous knowledge about the breed. We are very glad we found her and her Angeldust cats!
Elizabeth, Hutton Roof, Cumbria
We are so pleased that we got our kitten, Betty, from Angeldust Bengals. She is really thriving. Reena has been excellent from start to finish, and clearly cares passionately about the well being of her cats. This is as well as being extremely knowledgeable and helpful. The care booklet she provides is excellent too.
Alison, Canterbury, Kent
For many years I have wanted a top quality Bengal. After carefully sifting through many breeders, I found Angeldust Bengals, a TICA registered breeder. Reading through their website, reviews and other sources, I felt that this was the place. Reena's passion, experience, and quality of Bengals assured me that this is where I wanted my Bengal to come from. When I made contact with Reena, she informed me that there was a long waiting list. All I can say, is that it is so worth the wait. After our kitten was born, we were contacted, sent photos and a video and it was ensured that she was the right kitten for us. It was love at first sight! Throughout the 14 week process, we were sent photos and kept updated. We still refer to the informative care booklet that we were sent. Reena has been fantastic. She puts so much effort into her kittens and this really shines through in Kiki's personality. Our kitten is healthy, happy, well behaved, socialised and full of character. I would highly recommend Reena. She is a quality breeder with very high standards.
Anabela, Staines Upon Thames, Surrey
Reena has been fabulously supportive and informative throughout. Haku is a confident, gorgeous, happy and very social kitten, full of mischief and always looking for his next adventure. We love him to bits and he has settled very nicely into our home.
Morgan, Bath, Somerset
Our kitten from Angeldust Bengals is absolutely wonderful and has settled in perfectly. He is completely litter trained and so we can just concentrate on playtime and snuggles. Reena ensures that the whole process is incredibly organised and reassuring. The vet described our kitten as 'delicious' and we agree!
Elinor, Sheffield, South Yorkshire
I have a stunning, male, snow mink Bengal from Angeldust. Reena has been wonderful throughout the whole process and has always kept me up to date and sent photos. She is incredibly professional and knowledgeable and must be one of the best breeders there is. My kitten was already litter trained, friendly and has such a sweet temperament. I highly recommend Angeldust Bengals. Thank you Reena!
Jeyda, Orpington, Kent
Reena at Angeldust Bengals is the most professional breeder I have ever come across. Her dedication is second to none. She has given me the most beautiful and healthy girl ever. Wow! Thank you Reena
Paul, Oundle, Northamptonshire
I recently purchased the most beautiful snow lynx girl from Reena. I can honestly say, hand on heart, from the first conversation, I knew I was speaking to an expert who's passion is her cats. I was kept up to date every step of the way and if I ever needed to ask a question, I was replied to immediately. Absolutely nothing was too much trouble. As for the kitten, well, she is just wonderful. She is stunning, confident, friendly, loving, playful, mischievous and a total purr machine. Nothing has phased her and that is down to her great start in life. I would 100% recommend Reena to any prospective buyer and can only thank her for such a wonderful experience from the start. I also know that Reena is there for any questions or help should I need it in the future as nothing is too much trouble.
Danielle , Thornton-Cleveleys, Lancashire
Our beautiful kitten, Babooshka, has only been here a few days, and is so confident with people and has already made herself right at home. She is cheeky and full of mischief, but loves cuddling too. Reena offers an outstanding service. She gave us plenty of help and information and ensure we were prepared for our kitten's arrival. She obviously cares a lot about the kittens she breeds, which I'm sure has a very big part to play in their personalities.
Debbie, Banham, Norfolk
Our Angeldust Bengal kitten is such a beautiful little girl and is full of personality. Right from the start, Reena has been absolutely brilliant. She is so thoughtful and so helpful and is always on hand to answer questions. It's been an absolute delight and we have had fantastic communication all the way through the process. We can not fault Reena and will definitely be keeping her details. Highly recommended and thank you so much!
Chloe, Warwick, Warwickshire
Reena is exceptional. She breeds not only the best bloodlines, but her kittens are wonderfully socialised and loving. Within a few hours of arriving, our kitten was happily playing, purring and snuggling. Reena kept us informed and updated throughout our kitten's development and we know she has had the most exceptional start. Reena is a complete professional and is a leading expert in her field. We have received such helpful and professional advice and we know we can contact her at any stage in our cat's development. We feel truly blessed.
Sally, Worcester, Worcestershire
Reena has set a very high barre, that all breeders should be aspiring to. Her knowledge, care and professionalism are fantastic and she ensured we were very well prepared for our kitten's arrival. From the moment we started speaking to Reena, we were confident that our Angeldust Bengal kitten would be extra special.
Melanie, Starston, Norfolk
I have no hesitation in recommending Angeldust Bengals. Reena is an exceptional breeder and has been very helpful and informative, answering all my questions and giving me a wealth of information (on Bengals generally and our kitten in particular). Our new kitten is stunning and delightful, with a lovely temperament, and she settled in with our family like she has always been here.
Sarah, Upper Mill, Greater Manchester
My experience of getting my gorgeous Bengal kitten from Reena at Angeldust has been such a pleasurable experience from start to finish, and I couldn't be happier with the lively new addition to our family. He has an amazing personality and I absolutely adore him. I contacted Reena at the start of the year to be put on her waiting list after having a good look at her website, which I found to be clear and have a good ethos. Reena got back to me quickly and has friendly and helpful. It felt really reassuring to have this personal contact and she gave me confidence in her as a breeder. Reena sent me lots of helpful information on care so that I could prepare for his arrival. She really took the time to create a personal connection and was always clear and timely about what was happening and what to expect, which has been lovely. Now that we have him, we are so happy! He is clearly happy and healthy and is absolutely stunning. It's nice that I feel that Reena is still there to ask questions and advice if this may be be necessary. Thank you Reena for our gorgeous boy.
Hannah, Sheffield, South Yorkshire
I can't thank Reena enough for allowing us to welcome Freckles into our family. He is the most gorgeous kitten and has been right at home since the moment he came out of the cat carrier, purring like a lawnmower. He is a bundle of fun with the children and, as soon as there is peace and quiet, he hops onto my lap for a cuddle - just perfect. He has the most wonderful temperament. It is clear that Reena is extremely knowledgeable and skilled in socialising the cats and choosing the right homes for them. Reena supplies really clear information regarding what to do to prepare for the kitten, and Freckles was eating and using the litter box right away. We couldn't believe how stress free it all was. The whole process was absolutely seamless and we are so grateful to have this little guy join the family.
Jennifer , Edinburgh
As soon as our little Bagheera from Angeldust Bengals arrived with us, he came straight out of the carrier, had a stretch, began to purr very loudly and biffed my leg with his head so that I would stroke him. No hiding or being timid! Within three hours of arriving, he was asleep on my lap, still purring. Out vet thought he was gorgeous and commented what a good and responsible breeder Reena is for not allowing the kittens to leave before 14 weeks old. Bagheera has made us all so happy. He is beautiful inside and out. Reena has done an amazing job socialising him and we are so grateful. Thank you.
Julia, Avon Dassett, Warwickshire
Our kitten from Angeldust Bengals is a delight and it's clear how well she has been cared for and cherished by Reena. I can, with no hesitation, recommend Angeldust Bengals. Thank you so much Angeldust - we love her!
Claire, Kings Hill, Kent
Having previously had two Bengals, this is a breed I adore due to their huge personalities. I spent many months researching breeders, looking at websites and reading testimonials. I chose to speak to Reena as her kittens are stunning and her testimonials glowing. When I spoke to Reena, my early impressions had been justified, in that she is a caring breeder, whose primary interest lies in the welfare of her breeding cats and kittens. She is focused on breeding healthy kittens and invests a great deal of time to ensure they are well socialised. When our kitten arrived she was hugely confident and affectionate with both adults and children. Reena's follow up is also very much appreciated. I can confidently recommend Angeldust Bengals as a breeder with animal welfare at the heart of their breeding programme, and healthy, happy kittens as a result.
Tracey, Hucclecote, Gloucestershire
Thank you Reena for our most beautiful, healthy, playful, well socialised and loving little boy. He is exactly what we wanted! Angeldust Bengals have been fantastic throughout the whole process of getting our kitten. We had researched both the breed and different breeders beforehand and are so glad we chose Angeldust. Our vet commented how healthy and sturdy he was,and how it was wonderful that Reena kept the kittens for 14 weeks, so they did not leave too early.
Megan, Leeds, West Yorkshire
I was a bit apprehensive about how my Angeldust kitten, Merlin, would settle, but he started purring the minute I opened the cat carrier and quite literally hasn't stopped, apart from when he is asleep! He is a beautiful, good natured ball of fun. I had been looking for a good breeder for a while and I had to wait a while for my kitten. However, I am so glad I did. Reena is top class at what she does and I am so glad I chose Angeldust Bengals.
Kathryn, Rishton, Lancashire
I was raised on a farm in Africa, surrounded by game reserves on three sides, so have a history with cats, big and small. Returning to the UK, we especially missed our big cats. They bring a magic and hold a presence that we have never experienced with other animals. Having decided that we want cats in the UK, we researched the possibilities and came across the Bengal breed. We reached out to Reena at Angeldust to learn more and were delighted by Reena's expert knowledge and patience with all our questions. Our experience with Reena and Angeldust Bengals has been exceptional. Images, videos and a professionally constructed pack, made our lives so simple during those first few days, allowing us to focus on our cats. Our two kittens from Angeldust are magical, exceeding our expectations in every way. Playful, inquisitive and engaging, they settled into our home within days, displaying a remarkable level of social acceptance to every member of our family. If you are looking for love at first sight, with endless fun and mountains of energetic entertainment, we cannot recommend Angeldust Bengals enough. We are forever grateful for Sol and Luna, who have already changed our lives so spectacularly.
Raul, Cross in Hand, East Sussex
I cannot thank or recommend Reena enough for blessing me with the most perfect kitten. He is very loving, playful and affectionate. Both his temperament and his markings are everything I wanted and more. It was no effort getting him to settle or adjust, everything came so naturally to him. Straight out of the carrier, he was full of confidence. Reena kept in close contact throughout the process and provided me with lots of detailed information. It was absolutely worth the wait. My advice to everyone looking to adopt a Bengal is do not hesitate as you will not find better than Angeldust.
Tom, Royton, Greater Manchester
We are absolutely in love with our beautiful Bengal boy. His temperament is a testament to Reena's skill as a breeder and her socialisation programme. He has acclimatised so well to our home. We are beyond happy! We would definitely recommend Reena to anyone ready to welcome this wonderful breed to their home.
Star, Inverness, Inverness-Shire
Reena has been an absolute delight to deal with. The time and effort she puts into her kittens shows in the way our beloved She-Ra has adapted to us. She-Ra is everything we have ever wanted and more - she's inquisitive, cheeky and so lively. We are besotted with her. All this is possible because Reena has puts so much into socialising her kittens. I'm forever asking questions and Reena is so patient with explaining everything, sometimes several times over! Thank you so much Reena for bringing so much joy into our lives.
Fauzia, Chislehurst, Kent
Reena is absolutely brilliant, very helpful and always there if there is anything you need. We have a beautiful kitten, Bella, who we adore. We highly recommend Reena's service that was superb from the first contact and still, after our kitten has arrived.
Mathew, Kenilworth, Warwickshire
I couldn't be happier with how amazingly playful, gentle and friendly my kitten, Onion, was as soon as she arrived here. It was as if she had been with me months, rather than hours. She happily played with her toys, came to me for plenty of fussing and then settled down for a nap, after a spot of lunch. When I lost my first Bengal after 13 years together, I knew the only way to fill the hole he had left was to get another Bengal, Finding the best breeder possible was very important. In Reena, at Angeldust, I undoubtedly found the best breeder. Her communication was fantastic, throughout the process and I have a lovely, beautifully looked after kitten now. I can't recommend or thank Reena enough for everything she has done.
Matt, Banbury, Oxfordshire
We were looking for a Bengal kitten to join our growing family when we found Angeldust Bengals. They provided so much key and detailed information which made us feel at ease when making our choice. My experience has been second to none. Reena has been an amazing support from the start and is always on hand to offer advice when needed. Our beautiful girl has settled in really well and we love her. Thank you!
Emily, Birkenhead, Merseyside
Loki, our Angeldust Bengal kitten, has such a great personality, is very friendly, talkative, extremely inquisitive , playful and full of energy. He has a different relationship with everyone in the household - he finds peace and love with our 16 year old son, finds boundless enthusiasm and playfulness with our 12 year old son, and my wife and I simply dote on him. Thanks so much Reena for a fantastic Bengal and a VIP member of our family.
Matthew, Cheam, Surrey
We could not be happier with our beautiful, confident and happy Bengal girl, Kiki. Right from the first contact, we have been blown away with Reena's communication, support, attention to detail and professionalism. She service she offers is outstanding. Her focus on breeding healthy, confident and sociable cats is fantastic. We are so pleased we chose Angeldust Bengals and feel that Reena is the best breeder anyone could wish for. On t of that, Kiki's standard and markings are second to none. Thank you for everything Reena.
David, Kendal, Cumbria
We really couldn't have had a better experience with Reena and Angeldust Bengals. Both the initial and on going communication was fantastic, prompt and informative. While we were on the waiting list, Reena kept us updated on progress and when we reserved a kitten, Reena kept us updated on his with information and photos. Reena was available to message and speak to at all times, and we felt fully involved. It's so clear that Reena truly loves the animals she breeds, and that really is reflected in Dozer's temperament. Dozer is so comfortable with people and it's clear that he has been handled lots by people who care for him as he is such a trusting, happy, fun and vocal little chap. He is everything we had wanted and Reena made the process so easy. When we decide to get another, it will absolutely be an Angeldust Bengal.
Robert, Acton, London
After my Bengal, Rosie, passed away just shy of her 20th birthday, I was devastated as she had the biggest presence and was the love of my life. After several months of heartache, I realised that I really missed the companionship and the personality that this amazing breed of cat brings. I knew that, if I were to get another, I had to do lots of research and searching to find just the right breeder. When I discovered Reena and Angeldust Bengals, I read every part of the website several times, all the reviews, as well as all the knowledgeable information that Reena shares, before I actually got in touch. You can tell just how much these cats mean to Reena and how important it is that they go on to have the very best lives. From the first contact, Reena has been so friendly and understanding. She kept me updated whilst I was on the waiting list and shared lots of pictures and updates of my little girl, Primrose. From the minute she arrived, it was as if she knew she was home. She settled in straight away, eating, drinking and using the litter tray. It is obvious that she has had the best start a kitten could have, and that truly shows in her personality. I can't thank Reena enough and would definitely recommend Angeldust Bengals to everyone!
Gemma, Scarisbrick, Lancashire
Getting our kitten, Calypso, from Reena was a wonderful experience for us. Reena is so friendly, very honest and helpful, and is always there to answer questions. We are thankful we found Reena as finding the right breeder can be so tedious, confusing and frustrating. Right from the start, we felt confident in Angeldust Bengals and the whole process was made easy for us. It is evident from Reena's approach and professionalism that she loves what she does and has genuine affection for every kitten in her care. Calypso is so very beautiful, affectionate, happy and curious. It couldn't have been a better experience for us. Reena definitely mends hearts and restores light to life in an otherwise dark year.
Lorna, Heaton Moor, Greater Manchester
We are so pleased with our two kittens, Tigger and Pluto. They arrived with us litter trained and so amazingly well socialised - I describe Reena's programme as magic. The upbringing that these Bengals have enjoyed sets them up for life. Our kittens are playful, adventurous and so clever. Within a couple of hours, they were playing with our two energetic and full on sons - the kittens totally un-phased by the rough and tumble of our house. They are so good with our boys. Reena was very generous with her time, both before and after the kittens arrived. She even endured weeks of me telling her about the cat tree that I built from a real tree! We received superb information sheets from her that helped us to prepare for the day that the kittens came home. Reena clearly knows how to raise perfect little Bengals, but she also knows how to help families integrate their newest additions. I don't know how anyone could possibly do it better.
Jonathan, Standish, Greater Manchester
From the moment we found the Angeldust website, we knew we had found the right place to get a kitten. Reena was so helpful from the get go, always in touch and provided all the information we needed to prepare for the arrival of our kitten. Nia has settled into our home beautifully. She is the most striking cat I've ever seen and has such a lovely, gentle nature. She is such fun, very chatty and loves company. My children absolutely adore her and we can't imagine our house without her now! I have already recommended Reena to many of my friends and if we ever got another kitten, Angeldust Bengals would be top of our list. Well done to Reena for raising such stunningly beautiful and happy kittens and for having a breeding programme that instils such confidence.
Jennifer, Edinburgh
We are very happy with our new addition to our family. Our Angeldust Bengal kitten adjusted to his new home incredibly fast and was already litter trained when he arrived. He is so sociable and we can appreciate the professionalism and expertise involved from Reena in breeding top quality kittens.
Rafael, Willesden, London
I'm completely in love with my two Bengals from Angeldust. They are two of the most most beautiful and sweetest kittens I have ever spent time with - so playful, hilarious, intelligent, special and very cuddly. It is obvious that Reena has raised them incredibly well as they are so sociable and very happy to be handled and cuddled. I could not be happier and it was worth the wait. Reena has been so helpful through the process and is still available to answer questions - it's great to know that she is a Bengal master safety net, should it be required. I have been recommending Reena to everyone - it's impossible to be disappointed with kittens like these.
Celine, Wandsworth, London
Reena at Angeldust Bengals was super helpful in helping me choose the perfect boy for me. She regularly updated me on his progress and with photos, as well as providing me with all the information I needed to get ready for his arrival. He is honestly the most stunning Bengal I have ever seen and everyone comments on how beautiful he is. I would highly recommend Angeldust Bengals
James, Finchley, London
We are over the moon with our two kittens. They are truly stunning, with such beautiful and distinct markings. The kittens have been very well bred, socialised and looked after by Reena. From day one, the kittens used the litter trays. They enjoy playing, strokes and snuggles and are not nervous or skittish. They are also great with my 3.5 year old twins. I can see that a lot of love and care has been put into their early weeks. I really can't believe how well behaved they are - I might send my twin girls off to Reena for a few months!
Jacqueline, West Kirby, Merseyside
We are over the moon with our Angeldust kitten, Ysera, who is a beautiful example of a snow mink Bengal. She settled in so quickly and was purring non stop within five minutes of arriving here, which considering she had spend the day travelling, is just amazing! Ysera is active, affectionate and a very happy kitten. Reena has been brilliant to talk to and really helped set our minds at ease, as buying as buying kittens is hard during the Covid pandemic. We are absolutely in love with this beautiful kitten and can't thank Reena enough for the support she has given us. We will definitely be keeping in touch and coming back!
Louise, Sudbury, Suffolk
We would not hesitate in highly recommending Angeldust Bengals to anyone looking for a healthy, well cared for, excellently socialised and strikingly beautiful Bengal kitten. From initially contacting Reena, we felt informed and valued as customers. Her passion and knowledge of breeding top calibre kittens was evident from the outset. Our kitten, Bimini, arrived a fortnight ago, happy, healthy and extremely well looked after. We have friends that have purchased kittens from other breeders and the difference in attachment and behaviour of the kittens is marked. Reena has clearly created a very special breeding programme. Our vet has commented on how healthy and well socialised she is, and went as far as posting her on their social media, stating that 'she's one of the most beautiful kittens we've ever seen'. We couldn't agree more! 5 stars from start to finish. If we were to buy a second kitten, there's only one place we would go. Thanks again Reena and Angeldust Bengals.
Shaun and Mark, Glasgow
Ever since I first contacted Reena, I knew she was the right breeder for us. Her kittens are raised with her family and you really can tell the difference! Our kitten, Ziggy, is the most handsome boy, fun and affectionate. The whole process with Angeldust Bengals was extremely smooth. We were provided with all the necessary information - everything from where to buy food to vaccinations. We really love Reena's personal approach. We are over the moon with our companion and if ever he needs a friend, we know where to go.
Gabriela, Reading, Berkshire
We wouldn't hesitate to highly recommend Angeldust Bengals. Our kitten arrived relaxed, healthy and in fantastic condition. Reena provides brilliant service and thinks of everything - we received lots of guidance both before and after our kitten's arrival.
David, Tynemouth, Tyne and Wear
After much research about Bengal cats, we spoke to Reena on the phone. We were instantly reassured by her knowledge and experience of breeding healthy cats. Once we had registered our interest, Reena kept us well informed on both the process and timing. Once Dexter had been born, we had regular contact with Reena and she was always available to answer any question we had. Dexter arrived, having had several health checks, vaccinations, microchip and detailed information on how to settle him in and care for him in the long term. he settled into our busy household straight away and you could see how used he was to being handled and how used he was to children, which was extremely important to us. Dexter is a beautiful, healthy cat and we are so pleased he has joined our family.
Mark, Hartford, Cheshire
I can't recommend Angeldust Bengals highly enough. The whole process was expertly managed, from beginning to end, and we felt supported and informed throughout. Reena's wealth of knowledge and advice, coupled with her personal touch, makes for a truly exceptional service. We are over the moon with our beautiful Bengal boy.
Kate, Bath, Somerset
The experience of buying our Bengal kitten from Angeldust could not have been better. The whole process was first class, from the very first phone call with Reena, to our kitten's arrival with us. Reena's experience and care for her cats is clear in everything she does. We would recommend Angeldust Bengals to anyone looking to welcome a beautiful kitten into their family.
Helene, Beckenham, Kent
Zion is our first family pet. After lots of research, I had no doubt that Angeldust Bengals was the right breeder for us and I was not wrong. Zion has been with us for two months now and he has been nothing but a joy, from the first minute he came out of the carrier. He's so smart and sociable. He loves cuddles, playing with the children, and loves going to the park on a leash, where he is so happy strolling by my side. And did I say how gorgeous he looks? Thanks again Reena!
Metkel, Plaistow, London
We have had our gorgeous Roxxy for a week and couldn't be happier. She is bright, active, playful, and, of course, absolutely stunning. She has clearly been very well socialised and is wonderful with our two boisterous children. This is our first family pet and our first experience with a breeder. Although we were nervous about the process, Reena was very professional, responsive and helpful throughout. She took care of the extra challenges of delivering our kitten during lockdown. When we took her for her kitten check up, our vet commented what a good breeder we have as everything was so well prepared and organised for us. I would absolutely recommend Reena if you are looking for a Bengal kitten.
Lenore, Ladywell, London
We would recommend Angeldust Bengals to anyone who is looking for a top quality, highly socialised Bengal kitten. Zavi is our first pet (apart from fish) and there a certain level of nervousness when buying a Bengal. Reena was fantastic, always available and patient whilst dealing with all of our questions. We have had Zavi for over a week and he is a delight. He has fitted in seamlessly, is confident and playful. He eats well and uses the litter tray, with little effort from us. Reena has created a very special breeding programme and, if we were to buy a second kitten, there is only one place we would go.
Mitul, Northwood, London
Thank you very much Reena - we're over the moon with our sociable, happy and very handsome boy. Having previously had an older Bengal, we were a little apprehensive about getting a kitten. However, we were lucky enough to be able to meet two Angeldust Bengals kittens here on the island which put to rest any doubts and made our minds up. The day after our kitten arrived, we took him to the vets, and they were incredibly complimentary, saying that he was healthy, happy and that his paperwork was immaculate which is the sign of an excellent breeder. They couldn't even hear his heartbeat because he was purring so loudly - so funny and so cute! 5 stars to Angeldust Bengals. We absolutely love our confident, loving and gentle kitten.
Kirsty, St Martin, Jersey
Thank you Reena for our beautiful Mabel. She is the most affectionate, funny and gorgeous kitten. The whole family love her and we would wholeheartedly recommend Angeldust as a five star Bengal breeder!
Shelley, Witney, Oxfordshire
My Bengal kitten, Napoleon, is the most loving cat I have ever had. Angeldust Bengals have been absolutely amazing, and Reena's after care has been superb too.
Tracy, Glasgow
Angeldust Bengals provides an excellent service, with an extremely high and consistent level of professionalism through the whole process. Reena maintained contact throughout, and if I could award her out of 10, I could easily give her 10+++. She has been friendly and professional. Our kitten, Orla, is in excellent condition and health, well socialised, litter trained and a joy to have. Great attention and care has clearly been taken with her. I really can't praise Reena's overall service enough and it is clearly the best out there. I would recommend Angeldust over and above all other Bengal breeders, and I had done my research and made enquiries before contacting Reena. She definitely came out on top. Well done Angeldust Bengals - you are the best!
Carol, Prestatyn, Clwyd
From the very first contact, the service from Reena has been excellent. My gorgeous boy is in fabulous condition and is a stunning example of a Bengal, with the best temperament. He is confident and loving and has fitted into our home like he has always been here.
Debbie, Gretton, Northamptonshire
Having had Bengals since 2005, I can't recommend Angeldust Bengals enough. We spent a long time looking for the perfect breeder and we are so happy that we fond Reena. She is incredibly knowledgeable, compassionate and so kind with her time. Our new kitten, Freddie, is an absolute joy to have around. He is so happy, friendly and cuddly. He settled in amazingly from day one, which is a testament to his wonderful start in life. We are so grateful to Reena and would love to return in the future when it's time to add another kitten to our family.
Roxane, Edinburgh
Reena has been very friendly, informative and helpful from the very first time we spoke. Our beautiful, little boy, Azul, has settled in perfectly. He has such a gorgeous nature, which is a credit to the wonderful start in life that Reena has very obviously given him. She has made the whole experience an absolute pleasure and we thank her from the bottom of our hearts.
Julie, Newcastle Under Lyme, Staffordshire
We were worried about finding the right breeder and spent a large amount of time researching before deciding on Angeldust Bengals. Reena and been extremely professional and helpful, from the initial telephone call, to answering all my queries, to actually receiving our kitten. We are genuinely impressed with the level of detail that has gone into our kitten being ready for us. Reena has provided us with meaningful information and has clarified any gaps in our knowledge. Bengals are special, so this level of expertise was very much appreciated. It is evident that Reena cares about her kittens very much. We now have the most wonderful new family member!
Dionysios, Beverley, East Yorkshire
I have recently welcomed two kittens from Reena at Angedust Bengals and I am very happy with the entire process, from the first enquiry to the kittens actually arriving. Any questions I had were answered promptly, with respect and understanding, and I was ket up to date with messages and photos. I would not hesitate to recommend Angeldust Bengals to all looking for a top quality Bengal. Finally the cats themselves - stunning is all I can say! I have a brown and a snow lynx, and their markings are beautiful. If you are looking for a high quality Bengal, then Angeldust Bengals is the place to go. Thanks Reena!
Simon, Sapcote, Leicestershire
We recently bought our beautiful kitten, Masai, from Angeldust Bengals. We love her so much and were very happy with Reena's professionalism, attention to detail and care package. We highly recommend Reena!
Penny, Evancoyd, Powys
A big thank you to Angeldust Bengals for our amazing girl, Fleur. She is beautiful and we just love her. She is healthy, happy and has the most lovely, affectionate nature, which is all thanks to Reena and the loving up bringing she had before we got her. Reena did a fantastic job of organising her journey on the ferry here and made the whole process an enjoyable experience. I will definitely be recommending Angeldust Bengals to all my friends on the island!
Ouafae, Santon, Isle of Man
I have recently had the pleasure of welcoming our Angeldust kitten into our home. She is stunning, with the most beautiful rosettes. She has so quickly become part of our family, and is cuddly and affectionate. Reena even organised professional delivery and I was sent a wealth of information before she arrived.
Emillie, Bradford, West Yorkshire
Our kittens arrived yesterday, but have settled into their new home environment so easily. They are relaxed, happy, confident, inquisitive, playful, friendly, very affectionate and already litter trained. Totally 'oven ready'! To have such beautiful, well adjusted and healthy kittens is all credit to the wonderful start in life Reena has given them. They are an absolute joy and delight and have made our house a happy home once again. The support, information and guidance that Reena provides is amazing and she is genuinely concerned for her kittens future lives. Thank you so much Angeldust Bengals!
Monica, Ware, Hertfordshire
Deciding whether or not to get a pet has been a long standing debate in our house. For a couple of years we discussed the possibility (and dream) of owning a Bengal. We had no idea where to start though. The market is a minefield. I had lost hope of trusting any breeder, and then I happened across Angeldust Bengals. The rest is history! I could write for ages and none of it would even come close to expressing our upmost gratitude to Reena. Reena is clear, informative and transparent, from the initial phone call to the updates, consideration of our family's needs, right through to the attentive choice of our beautiful kitten. Angeldust Bengals must be the gold standard by which all other breeders judge themselves. Reena provided videos and lots of useful information to ensure we were fully prepared. We never once felt that our questions or concerns were too much trouble. We have been totally spellbound since Nala's arrival. The quality of Angeldust's breeding cats is certainly clear. Nala's stunning markings, her beauty, her chatty conversation and her playful nature show just how well the kittens are socialised and cared for, and how Reena's ethical and informed approach produces wonderfully well rounded cats. Nala is so confident and has needed no training. I can not stress enough, that if you are considering a Bengal kitten , Angeldust Bengals is the only place you need, and you need look no further. It is worth waiting on the waiting list - there is a reason that people wait for kittens from Reena. I cannot thank Angeldust Bengals enough!
Rebecca, Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire
We recently welcomed Rica, our beautiful Angeldust Bengal kitten, to our home. I spent a lot of time researching Bengal breeders and I was initially very impressed by the Angeldust website. Reena has been fantastic throughout the whole process. She has answered all my questions and provided a huge amount of information. Our kitten is absolutely stunning, but, more importantly, she has the most gorgeous nature, which reflects Reena's amazing kitten socialisation programme. I do believe that a kitten's formative experiences have a huge influence on the development of it's personality. Rica has settled so quickly and, as I'm writing this, she is curled up asleep on my son's knee! I would definitely recommend Angeldust Bengals. Reena is a dedicated and truly professional breeder who provides an exceptional service.
Louise, Chester le Street, Co Durham
We recently got our beautiful brown rosetted kitten from Reena at Angeldust Bengals. Kenya is stunningly beautiful and really friendly. I was so surprised that she settled immediately. She is a lovely addition to our family and we all adore her. Reena was super to deal with, very straightforward and really easy. We are 100% happy with our new family member.
Susan, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
We are so happy we chose to get our kitten, Natsu, from Angeldust Bengals. Reena has been able to answer all of our questions, has been nothing but helpful, and made the process so easy, taking care of everything, including arranging for a pet courier to bring Natsu to us here in Germany. Natsu is such a happy, healthy kitten. We won't think twice about going back to Angeldust Bengals when we are ready to add another Bengal to our family. Thank you Reena!
Kimber, Germany
The whole process, from the first telephone call with Reena, to our kitten arriving, has been absolutely first class. Reena was also able to arrange delivery. Our fantastic kitten, Lulu, had settled and bonded with us so very quickly and her socialisation and breeding are top class. The cat carrier, toys and food provided were all great. I very much doubt that there is another breeder as dedicated and as professional as Angeldust Bengals. Thank you so much Reena and if we decide on another kitten, it will obviously be from you.
David, Shirdley Hill, Lancashire
We are the very lucky owners of Fiadh, who arrived with us yesterday. Although she has been here less than 24 hours, I have never seen a more settled and socialised kitten. Thank you Angeldust Bengals - you are doing a brilliant job! I will be back to get Fiadh a playmate in the future.
Pauline, Barnstaple, Devon
I had been researching Bengals for a few years before deciding to get one. Once I found Angeldust Bengals, I knew this is where I would get my Bengal. I have had a great experience, from start to finish. Reena has been amazing and kept me in the loop with vet trips, photos and videos. My gorgeous girl, Boo, has been worth the wait. She is amazing, with gorgeous colour, and so playful and friendly. She is everything you could want! I can 100% recommend Angeldust Bengals and I will definitely come back to Reena for another kitten in the future.
Carly, Forfar, Angus
After some unpleasant experiences with local breeders in Singapore, we started to look for a Bengal kitten from abroad. We found Angeldust Bengals and after reading her testimonials and discussions over the telephone with Reena, there was no doubt that we had found the breeder we were looking for. Reena is a true professional, with a ton of knowledge about the breed and about transportation overseas. She is always quick to respond. Once our boy arrived, we opened the transport box and he ran straight over to us and became part of our family immediately. All this, immediately after his long journey across the globe. You could see immediately that he was good with people and the everyday household noises that come with daily life. This was very important to us as we have a toddler, who is best friends with the kitten now! Toby, our kitten, is truly amazing in every way, and more. To be honest, I could just keep praising Reena and our kitten. Thank you Reena for everything.
Antti, Singapore
Reena is the benchmark to which all breeders should be measured. Her knowledge, approachability and the quality of kittens she produces are second to none. I cannot thank her enough for her wealth of valuable information, both about the breed, and how to integrate my new kitten, Zara into my family which includes other pets. Zara and my cat, Luna, are already inseparable and she runs rings around my friendly Rottweiler. Zara is stunningly beautiful with incredible, flawless markings. lots of glitter and a perfect face. I still cannot get over how silky, soft her fur is. She is self confident and has the sweetest, funniest and most inquisitive nature. Zara is my first Bengal and I am in love! Reena will always be my go to breeder and source of advice. Thank you Reena for your incredible professionalism and the fabulous kittens you give the world.
Elaine, Jedborough, Roxburghshire
I can not say enough good things about Reena and Angeldust Bengals. Lilo and Stitch arrived home yesterday, and within five minutes they were running around, exploring and playing. The kittens are happy, inquisitive and completely socialised. They love being around people. All of this is a testament to the care and the love that Reena has shown them.
Brandon, Epping, Essex
After our last kitten, purchased elsewhere, suffered from an unfortunate health condition, we knew that we needed to find a responsible breeder that could provide us with a happy and healthy kitten. Reena knew more about the health issues of our last kitten than even our vets had explained to us. She breeds beautiful Bengals, from wonderful lines, but she also knows everything about cats, inside and out! Her communication whilst we were on the waiting list was second to none and very professional. We absolutely love our Bengal, Moof. He is a bundle of joy and has settled in very well. We highly recommend Angeldust Bengals.
Brian, Knutsford, Cheshire
After deciding that we wanted to bring a cat into our lives, and after months of research, we decided upon a Bengal kitten. Due to the behavioural characteristics of the breed, we knew that a knowledgeable, thoughtful and experienced breeder was essential. After weeks and weeks of looking on the usual places online, nothing was ticking all the boxes. I then happened to come across Reena and the Angeldust Bengal website. Immediately I knew this is who I wanted our kitten from and, even though I am massively impatient, I was happy to wait as long as necessary. The whole process has been excellent - from the updates on Maya's progress, regular pictures, to the helpful information pack prior to her arriving. Now that Maya is here, it's clear how well Reena ensures all the kittens are socialised, litter trained etc. We have had no problems at all and couldn't be happier that Maya is here with us.
Stuart and Marzena, Cardiff, South Glamorgan
When I came across Angeldust Bengals, I had absolutely no doubt just how well cared for Reena's Bengals are. Reena has been great and always available if I need questions answering. I am absolutely in love with my baby boy, Charlie, and we are totally blown away with his beauty and how brilliantly he has settled in. It's clear how well he has been socialised and loved. I would highly recommend Angeldust Bengals, and will definitely be back if we decide on another kitten.
Sarah, Peel, Isle of Man
We are so pleased with our little bundle of joy, Sakura. She's an absolute beauty, with an amazing temperament and has blended into our family so well. I want to thank Reena for such a smooth process from the very first moment I made the enquiry, to actually getting her. We look forward to another Bengal further down the line from Angeldust. Many, many thanks Reena.
Shazia, Luton
We knew the next cat we would get would be a Bengal, so we searched high and low for the right breeder. When I came across Angeldust Bengals, from the very first conversation I had with Reena and the class of her breeding cats, I knew this was the breeder I wanted my kitten from. Reena is exceptionally knowledgeable and, best of all, listened to what I wanted. She matched the perfect kitten with us. Lilly has been an absolute joy from the moment she arrived, eating, drinking and using the litter tray from day one. Reena's socialisation of the kitten is incredible and it shows. Lilly is the most loving kitten I have ever had, and all this from day one. We have our perfect Bengal kitten and all thanks to Reena and the hard work and love she puts into her cats. If you are looking for a Bengal, look no further. I truly believe Angeldust Bengals is the top breeder in the UK.
Zohora, Chafford Hundred, Essex
We are now the proud owners of two gorgeous Angeldust Bengal kittens and couldn't be happier. They settled into our home straight away, were already litter trained and love playing and cuddles. Reena provided an excellent service and has been there to answer questions 24/7. She is friendly, yet professional, and helped us feel supported throughout the process. She always updated us about their well being and regularly sent photos. If you want a Bengal kitten, you will not be disappointed with Angeldust Bengals.
Roisin, St Helier, Jersey
We have just welcomed Merlot into our home and she is simply magnificent. Everything, from her rosettes, friendliness and temperament, are second to none. It is clear she has come from a loving and caring breeder. Reena was fantastic. I'm a serial planner and had lots of questions and Reena was so patient answering everything that was put to her. Her supporting literature was incredibly helpful, giving clear instructions on best practice, things to buy and how to make Merlot's transition into her new home as smooth as possible. Merlot has adjusted brilliantly, she loves playing and cuddling on the sofa. If you are looking for a Bengal then look no further. You will not find a breeder that can match Angeldust. Thank you Reena!
Tom and Nia, Epsom, Surrey
We couldn't have asked for a better pet than Leo! We had done a lot of research before setting our hearts on a Bengal kitten and Leo exceeded our expectations in every way. It was love at first sight! He has a very sweet, affectionate nature and adores the company of children. He is curious, highly intelligent, inquisitive and extremely well socialised (thank you Reena). We can not speak highly enough of Reena, who was very responsive and supportive from the very first contact, throughout the process and still remains in contact with us. The care sheets are especially helpful in providing guidance on what to expect and how to prepare. I highly recommend an Angeldust kitten.
Burak, Orpington, Kent
When I contacted Angeldust Bengals, Reena was so informative, friendly and very responsive to all my queries and messages. My beautiful Bengal kitten is everything I expected and more. He has the most beautiful markings and a temperament that is so sweet. I adore him. Thank you Reena, I couldn't recommend Angeldust Bengals enough.
Nicky, Irlam, Salford
I recently adopted a snow lynx Bengal kitten from Angeldust Bengals. I had been searching for the right breeder for a while when I stumbled across Angeldust who were highly recommended on some Blogs. In order to meet my specification of kitten, I had been on the waiting list with Angeldust for about eight months. Reena maintained constant communication throughout. As a first time owner, I had a lot of questions over this time which were all answered, so I could prepare properly. Even now the kitten is here with me, we are still in contact and Reena is checking how the kitten and I are adjusting. I am grateful for the support and amazing service that I have received, even in lockdown when things are challenging. I am really happy welcoming Rio into my family. Thank you Reena.
Nathanael, Queens Park, London
Our Angeldust Bengal, Jagger, is an absolute delight. She has already brought so much joy to everyday life. She settled into our home very quickly. She has the most beautiful features, her coat is luscious and glistens. She has an abundant personality and she makes us laugh everyday. She loves to snuggle on our laps. Jagger has completed our home.
Shaun, Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire
Angeldust Isis is our first Bengal and Reena has been a forever, present, helping hand and is always quick to respond, advise and reassure. This has been a fantastic experience with a truly wonderful breeder.
David, Chichester, West Sussex
We have just welcomed our new kitten from Reena at Angeldust Bengals. From the first moment, she was happy being stroked and played with (for hours) by two very lively children. She was eating and using the litter tray straight away. It was amazing! The temperament and quality of the kitten is testament to Reena and her breeding program.
Umit , Wisborough Green, West Sussex
We couldn't be happier with our handsome new boy from Angeldust Bengals. Not only is he beautiful, he is also wonderfully good natured and was sitting on our laps from day one. He came fully litter trained too! Our experience has been brilliant from start to finish and Reena has gone above and beyond to help us, and kept in touch the whole way through. We couldn't recommend Angeldust Bengals highly enough.
Richard, Thornwood, Essex
Yesterday we welcomed home our beautiful boy, Neo. He is the most stunning colour and has the most stunning rosettes, not to mention his glittery coat! I've never seen a kitten quite like this before. He is amazingly well behaved and litter trained. He is so much fun, very playful and talkative. We are thankful to Reena at Angeldust Bengals for breeding such beautiful kittens. Reena kept in touch throughout the process and sent us lots of information we needed and even organised delivery. I highly recommend getting your Bengal kitten from Angeldust.
Adina, Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Having owned two Bengals before, we knew what to expect and so spent a long time looking for the right breeder. We first discovered Angeldust Bengals some time ago and it was obvious from our first contact with Reena that she was such a knowledgeable, ethical and helpful breeder and that we wouldn't go anywhere else for our new family addition. Plus, her Bengals are the most beautiful we have ever seen. So, we are now the proud parents of a gorgeous kitten, Sula. She settled into our home from day one and she is such a confident, loving, inquisitive and energetic character, which we have no doubt is down to Reena's loving care and approach to rearing her kittens. Reena provided us with on going information and pictures of Sula prior to her coming home with us. It's very obvious that Reena cares about the welfare of her cats both before and after they leave her. We would recommend Angeldust Bengals to anyone and we can't wait to collect our second kitten in May!
Tony and Janet, Leeds, West Yorkshire
From the initial contact with Reena , right through to picking up our beautiful Bengal boy, we knew we had chosen the right breeder. Right through the process we were given lots of advice and guidance, which has proved invaluable. We have a well integrated Bengal, who is full of life, athletic and very, very stunning. We are so happy with Angeldust Bengals and truly believe that Reena must surely be the top Bengal breeder in the country.
Jon, Wadborough, Worcestershire
I honestly don't know how Reena does it, but our new kitten arrived, ate and played straight away (even with the children) and within a few days was even sleeping on our laps! He is absolutely stunning and everyone who meets him, wants him! Reena is a true professional and clearly cares for each and every kitten. It is clear just how much effort she puts into this. She also provided lots of information to help plan for his arrival and on how to look after our new kitten.
Seran, Beckenham, Kent
We are completely in love with Seren, our gorgeous kitten from Angeldust Bengals. She has settled in perfectly and is loving and affectionate. It's clear she has had the very best start in life. Reena has been fantastic and I'm so glad we found her. Her focus on her cats welfare is incredible and her support has been helpful and reassuring, especially as we are first time cat owners. I would highly recommend Reena to all. She is amazing!
Nicola, Flore, Northamptonshire
I would recommend Angeldust Bengals to anyone looking for a responsible and caring breeder. You can tell how much hard work Reena puts into socialising her kittens by their behaviour and attitude as soon as they arrive home. They are so inquisitive and playful. My brother already had two Bengals from Reena, before my wife and I decided to take the leap, and we could not be happier! Reena kept me updated throughout the process, sending pictures and video, and even sorted out delivery of our kitten to us. She has also provided so much advice and she really knows the breed well. Our beautiful Maya is stunning. The gift bag she sent with high quality food and toys was an extra bonus. I could not recommend Reena highly enough.
Andrew, Hertford, Hertfordshire
Reena at Angeldust Bengal was amazingly helpful throughout the whole process of buying my Bengal kitten, Altair. My kitten is beautiful, extremely smart and expressive.
Sunil, Mildenhall, Suffolk
My amazingly beautiful Bengal kitten, Ruby, has come from Angeldust Bengals. Hand on heart, I can say just how superbly Reena cares for her Bengals and their kittens. Ruby is outstanding in every way and I would highly recommend Angeldust Bengals.
Ann, Manchester
We have had the most wonderful experience with Reena, of Angeldust Bengals. We came to her having recently lost our first Bengal, Oscar. He had left a huge void and we wanted to welcome another Bengal into our family. Reena dealt with us with so sensitively and professionally. She steered us through what could have been a difficult process (i.e. replacing a beloved pet) and made it a very smooth and happy one. We have now welcomed Max, our Bengal kitten, into our family. He has settled in very quickly, is absolutely gorgeous and has a beautiful nature. Reena clearly runs her programme with the highest standard of care and professionalism.
Lia, Kilburn, London
Angeldust Bengals are absolutely fantastic. Reena is amazing, so helpful, always kept me up to date and even sorted out delivery of my kittens - brilliant! I'm over the moon with my two Bengal sisters, Treacle and Butterscotch. They are stunning and the most beautiful Bengals I have ever seen. They came to me with a lovely gift bag containing food, toys etc which was a lovely touch. I would highly recommend Reena and her fantastic service. Thank you very much Angeldust Bengals!
Charlotte, Ashby de la Zouche, Leicestershire
We have gained a beautiful, healthy, affectionate and lively Bengal kitten from Angeldust Bengals. Reena has supported us with lots of information and suggestions to help settle him in to his new home, and regular updates. I would have no hesitation in recommending Angeldust Bengals to anyone looking for a Bengal kitten.
Shelagh, Oldham, Greater Manchester
I highly recommend Angeldust Bengals and decided on Angeldust after looking at many different breeders. Reena answered all of my questions (which were often) straight away and was very patient with me as this was our first Bengal! She is a top breeder and our kitten, Cleopatra, is absolutely beautiful with gorgeous markings. She has settled in so well and we will be coming back to Reena for another Bengal. Thank you Reena.
Siobhan, Brombrough, Wirral
We had no previous experience of owning a Bengal and so contacted Angeldust Bengals. Reena was informative and gave us lots of advice, including on owning a Bengal with a 12 month old baby. Reena takes the upmost care of her cats and kittens and we are very happy with our kitten, Doris, and also the aftercare offered by Reena.
Ali, Slough, Berkshire
After a four hour journey, I expected Boo to be a bit shell shocked. Not a bit of it! Within the first hour she was playing, investigating, eating and using her litter tray. Moreover, she is the most affectionate kitten I have ever met and likes nothing better than cuddling, tickling and someone's lap. Reena's information sheets have been really useful. In terms of health, our vet said she is top notch. Oh, and I didn't mention her beauty! Boo is a delight and we are proud to have her as part of our family. I'm absolutely thrilled with her and would definitely choose an Angeldust kitten again. Reena is certainly getting it right!
Mary, Edinburgh
From my very first contact with Reena, it was immediately obvious how much love, affection and knowledge she has for the Bengal breed. Our beautiful little girl, Jonesy, has settled in brilliantly and is already one of the family. Thank you so much Reena!
Neil, Harlow, Essex
My whole experience with Angeldust Bengals has been a complete dream. From day one, Reena was so helpful and her knowledge about Bengals is amazing. She gave me so much information and advice I hadn't know, despite having one Bengal already. I knew that Angeldust would be the only place we would be getting our new kitten from. Winter, our snow lynx, is absolutely stunning. He is so friendly and has settled in with us all perfectly. The after care I received from the moment I collected him was also amazing. I know I can contact Reena at any time with questions. If you are considering getting a Bengal, I would highly recommend getting an Angeldust kitten. Thank you Reena from the Menton family. We love our new kitten!
Melissa , Peel, Isle of Man
Well, what can I say! We have recently welcomed our little Bengal boy who has been beautifully bred and reared by Reena at Angeldust Bengals and we could not be happier. He is beautiful, playful, exceptionally loving and has fitted into our family with great ease. We will be back for another addition to our family in the future! Beautiful cats Reena - you should be proud!
Sarah, Kenilworth, Warwickshire
Our two beautiful boys, Kiwi and Hongi, have been with us for only two days and we are already smitten. Both have settled in really well with no issues. They are just so, so sweet and so smoochy and affectionate! They are incredibly playful and the kids don't want to do anything other than play with them. The kids have had loads of cuddles with them too. We are so thrilled. Reena at Angeldust Bengals obviously invests a lot of time into breeding well socialised, healthy and happy kittens. I am so glad we chose her.
Rachel, Ewshot, Hampshire
I got my lovely Bengal kitten, Percy, from Angeldust Bengals. Even after a day he was playing and purring, and is very loving and affectionate. He is a real credit to Reena as a breeder and you can tell that she brings her kittens up with lots of love and care. She was very helpful, both before and after we picked him up and happy to answer all of my questions. She made sure I was aware of everything I needed to do to help Percy settle in.
Samuel, Stockport
I write this with one of our two new Bengal kittens asleep on my lap and the other pressed up against me. They have been here just over a week and they are already so well adjusted to their new environment and so comfortable with us. They take everything in their stride. It's clear that they have had the best start in life and Reena has been great. I am new to cat ownership and so was nervous. However, Reena has been very helpful and very responsive to any questions I had. The paperwork was all so well organised too. I highly recommend Reena to all.
Claire, Bromley, Kent
If you're looking for a Bengal breeder then you need look no further than Angeldust Bengals. I cannot recommend Reena highly enough for her amazing knowledge about Bengals, as well as her on going support. Everytime I have had a question, Reena has been on tap to answer. Our snow lynx kitten, Sultan, has settled in really well. He has such a lovely, affectionate and playful temperament. It is evident to everyone that he has come from a loving breeder. Reena really cares about the type of home each one of her kittens goes to. Sultan has brought much laughter and joy to our home. Thank you Reena for giving us such a lovely ray of sunshine in Sultan. If we ever decide to buy another Bengal kitten, we wouldn't think twice about going straight back to Angeldust Bengals.
Naveed, Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire
We are delighted with our beautiful, new, Bengal kitten, Rocky. He has settled so well into our household, which speaks volumes about the way he has been brought up in those few formative weeks by Reena. Her kittens are well trained and socialised so when they meet their new families, they take no time to bond. Reena is very informative and always on hand to answer questions. She clearly cares deeply for her cats and kittens. I would highly recommend Angeldust Bengals if you are thinking about getting a Bengal kitten. Thank you Reena!
Utpala, New Malden, Surrey
When searching for a breeder I was hoping to find someone that wasn't breeding kittens as a commodity and Reena is really the furtherest thing from this. Throughout the whole process of buying our kitten, Reena put our minds at ease, sent photos and kept us in the loop. Very honestly, you could not find a better breeder that is so invested in every cat and kitten. Her after care is as important as breeding the kittens. Her customer care is superb and she cares as much as you do. Her connection with her animals is great. If you are lucky enough to reserve an Angeldust kitten, take the chance! Thank you Reena.
Thomas, Newent, Gloucestershire
We are absolutely besotted with our kitten, Sebastian. You can tell immediately that he has been raised in a loving, safe environment and he is really well socialised. Reena has been helpful and responsive throughout the process. I would highly recommend Angeldust Bengals.
Grace, Reading, Berkshire
The beautiful Bengal kitten we bought from Reena is everything we were looking for. Chilli is the perfect addition to our home. Reena is exceptionally knowledgeable, organised and proactive with guiding you through everything. She has so much knowledge about Bengals and it is clear how much love she puts into her work. We will be returning to Angeldust Bengals!
Stephen, Shadwell, London
I am most happy with our kitten from Angeldust Bengals. Reena has raised a kitten that is not only beautiful, but has such a sweet and gentle temperament. I have been so pleased with Reena's professionalism in handling all the documentation, ensuring that everything went smoothly and our kitten arrived safely in Singapore.
Lim Siew, Singapore
We had been looking for a new kitten to be a future Queen in our Bengal cattery in Lithuania. After numerous viewings with Bengal breeders, we were fortunate enough to meet Reena. I am delighted to say that Reena is very professional, knowledgeable and a very responsible breeder. It was a real pleasure to deal with her and she answered all queries quickly and fully. Our kitten adapted so well to her new home and is bringing us so much happiness. If we get another kitten, it will certainly be from Angeldust. Reena is one of the best Bengal breeders in the UK. I strongly recommend Reena to anyone who is interested in a Bengal kitten.
Zygimantas, Lithuania
I did much research into finding the right breeder after losing our last Bengal after only three years. Reena is very knowledgeable and reassuring and understands the breed so well. Reena really took her time to talk to us. It was apparent just how well our kitten had been socialised and how much human contact she had as soon as we got home as she settled in straight away. It was obvious how well she had been taken care of. She also has the most stunning markings. Reena takes her breeding program very seriously and really cares about her cats. I would recommend anyone looking for a Bengal kitten to go to Reena at Angeldust.
Sarah, Newent, Gloucestershire
We are so pleased and proud to be the owners of an Angeldust Bengal kitten and so glad we chose Reena to buy a kitten from. She settled in so well from the very first night. She has beautiful markings, is a wonderful girl and is so loving and playful.
Sadie, Sulby, Isle of Man
We have two absolutely beautiful kittens from Angeldust Bengals. Reena supplied extensive information which was both informative and very helpful. She made the whole process so easy for us. It's clear just how important both the well being and health of her Bengals is to her and how much she loves her cats. She is also such a lovely person! I highly recommend Angeldust Bengals.
Elizabeth, Woodford, Stockport
Our new Bengal kitten, Joey, is the perfect addition to our busy household. He is the most wonderful kitten we could have ever hoped for. Reena has done a great job and he has been a dream; sleeping well, eating well and using his litter box. He is very much a part of our family already. Thank you Reena for bringing Joey into our lives.
Luffa, Godalming, Surrey
We couldn't be happier with Willow, our gorgeous snow girl. Our experience with Reena was caring and professional throughout. We would highly recommend Angeldust Bengals to anyone looking for the perfect Bengal kitten to add to their family.
Daniel, Blackpool
I would highly recommend Angeldust Bengals. Reena made every step of the process as smooth as possible, providing lots of information and answering all my questions. My kitten is well behaved and enjoying his new home!
Daniel, Perivale, London
I purchased an absolutely beautiful Bengal kitten from Reena. He is healthy, muscular and athletic, with striking markings and a coat that is like silk. He has a brilliant temperament, is totally at ease with being handled, is playful and very loving. I am delighted with him. He has already brightened up my household and he continues to amaze everyday. Reena's customer service is excellent and she has provided me with lots of useful information, and is so helpful.
David, Leigh, Greater Manchester
From the very first contact, Reena has been great and always replies to my questions quickly. My beautiful Bengal boy not only looks amazing, but has been so well looked after by Reena and has integrated so well into my family. He settled in straight away and is full of life, love and purrs! Reena is still on the end of the phone for further questions. I would highly recommend buying one of her beautiful Bengal kittens. Thank you Reena!
Kirby, Southampton, Hampshire
We have our first Bengal kitten Arya from Angeldust Bengals and it has been a great experience. She is such a beautiful kitten and Reena gave us all the advice and information we needed to prepare for bringing her home, even preparing a goody bag for her to leave with. Our vet was very impressed at how thorough Reena's care of our kitten had been. I would 100% recommend that anyone wanting a Bengal kitten go straight to Angeldust Bengals.
Alexandra, Leeds
I am very happy with my new family member and would definately recommend Angeldust Bengals. Reena's Bengals are beautiful and so well looked after. Reena is very professional and it was a pleasure dealing with her.
Jon, Derby
We purchased our first Bengal kitten from Angeldust Bengals. I was worried about how he would take to my six year old daughter and her to him. However, from the very first contact with Reena, we were made to feel confident and supported through the process. All my queries were answered and I was sent a full information pack, covering everything to help my kitten integrate into our home. I am truely amazed that a kitten can have such an amazing temperament. He was fully toilet trained, very comfortable with being handled and so lovable and affectionate. He is already an integral part of our family. Thank you Reena, and I highly recommend Angeldust Bengals to everyone
Clare, Orton, Cumbria
We're really happy with our kitten from Angeldust Bengals. He is incredibly friendly and sociable, as well as being beautiful and is already an active member of our family. Reena really cares for her cats and kittens, her handover is very smooth and she gave me lots of helpful information. She was also flexible with our pick up date which really helped us.
Sarah, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands
I bought my first Bengal kitten, Biscuit, from Angeldust Bengals. She has settled brilliantly into my busy household, with my four children and my Ragdoll. Reena socialised her so well and this helped massively with her settling in with us. Her nature is just impeccable. I would advise anyone looking for a Bengal kitten to go to Angeldust and I can't recommend Reena highly enough. Her after care is exceptional and she is always available for advice. A five star breeder!
Cheryl, Bridgnorth, Shropshire
We are extremely happy with our Bengal kitten from Angeldust Bengals and would highly recommend Reena, who is a truly first rate breeder, to anyone wanting a Bengal. Henry is healthy, with the most adorable temperament.
Sue, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire
The beautiful Bengal kitten we bought from Reena at Angeldust Bengals is everything we hoped she could be. She is super playful, really friendly and loves cuddles. Reena is great and helped us with everything. She has so much knowledge about the Bengal breed and she has been lovely to deal with. I would highly recommend Angeldust Bengals.
Tomasz, East Ham, London
From the very beginning Reena was extremely kind, professional and warm. Our kitten is perfect and our experience with Reena was outstanding. Her kittens are exceptionally well looked after, very sociable and amazing looking. I am very grateful for what she does as her knowledge and expertise are evident in my kitten who settled in so well and is very sweet and affectionate. Reena's level of knowledge of the bengal breed is exceptional and she has always answered all my questions.
Bahador, Manchester
I did a lot of research into finding the right breeder before buying our new Bengal kitten. Reena was both professional and informative in all her discussions about her kittens. We are delighted with Zyla, who settled into our family immediately. Her appearance is stunning and her chatty and confident character is adorable.
Amanda, Westhoughton, Greater Manchester
Our beautiful, gorgeous kitten settled into our home straight away and is playful, confident and affectionate. Reena even arranged transport to the Isle of Man for us and we were kept regularly updated during the journey. He had been so well cared for during the transport by boat and he arrived so happy.
Jade, Ramsey, Isle of Man
We contacted Reena at Angeldust Bengals after researching Bengal breeders for quite a few months. Nala, our beautiful brown rosetted kitten, settled into our home immediately, exploring and playing. She is so pretty, with fantastic rosetting and such a smooth, shiny coat. She is just so affectionate too. The welcome pack was great and we feel at ease knowing that Reena is just at the other end of the phone if we need any extra advice. I thoroughly reccomend Angeldust Bengals.
Paul, Ivor, Buckinghamshire
My experience buying two Bengals kittens from Angeldust Bengals has been better than I ever could have expected. Their transition to their new home has been seemless and they were both so out going from the moment they got here. They are an absolute pleasure and became part of my family so quickly. They have excellent temperaments and are fantastic with my young children. The vet also commented how well they had been looked after by their breeder at their first health check. Thanks Reena.
Gary, Ruislip, London
This was our first kitten and Reena has been absolutely fantastic, right from the original enquiry, receiving a thorough welcome pack so we were prepared for our kitten in advance of bringing him home, to actually collecting our Bengal kitten. She is very friendly and gave us really good advice. An excellent service throughout from Angeldust Bengals.
Naeem, Blackburn, Lancashire
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Angeldust Bengals to anyone wanting a Bengal kitten. Our kitten, Timi, is so friendly, playful and really socialable. I can't believe how well he has settled in already. He is so stunning and gorgeous and I want to thank Reena for all the valuable advice and the care she has already given him. Both my kitten and Reena's service are great!
Chenghao, Liverpool
After losing our beloved 18 year old Bengal, we wanted another. However, we knew that Taz would be a hard act to follow. Reena was extremely patient and helped to make sure our new kitten was exactly right for us. Not only does he look stunning, but he has been very well socialised. He is friendly and confident. You can tell how much time Reena has spent loving him already! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend one of Reena's kittens.
Kerri, Kirkby Fleetham, North Yorkshire
Our new kitten, Oakley, is amazing, and so friendly and affectionate. Reena has given him the best start in life and he is super sociable. Even though he had never met a dog in his life, he took meeting our two Labradors completely in his stride. I would recommend Angeldust Bengals to anyone thinking of getting a Bengal kitten.
Pamela, Polmont, Falkirk
We want to thank Reena so much for our stunning Bengal kitten, Solo. He has settled in so well with our family, and right from the start he loved playing with our 3 young children. He already plays with our two Cocker Spaniels and curls up with them to sleep. Reena has undoubted expertise and answered all our questions and offered valuable advice. Our kitten is healthy, has a wonderful nature and is just so loving. He is a real credit to Reena.
Richard, Marple, Cheshire
We have the sweetest and most beautiful Bengal kitten from Reena. She has settled in so well. I am just so impressed at how professional Reena is, which meant we could just concentrate on our new family member. I would highly recommend Angeldust Bengals and Reena's great service.
Matthew, Sale, Cheshire
We bought a beautiful snow lynx kitten from Angeldust, who is simply gorgeous, extremely friendly, sociable, inquisitive and playful. She adjusted really well to our home, settling in so quickly with our family and other cats. Reena was so kind and really efficient to deal with. Thank you Reena!
Fiona, Upper Cam, Gloucestershire
From the very beginning, Reena has been a delight to deal with. Her knowledge of the breed is exemplary and we knew the kittens she breeds would be happy and healthy when they went to their new homes. The kittens are brought up in a loving, family environment and it's obvious that no expense is spared on their welfare. Our new kitten is absolutely stunning and would recommend Angeldust Bengals to anyone interested in buying a Bengal kitten.
Fabrizio, Westhoughton, Greater Manchester
Our lovely kitten, Ziggy, settled in immediately, so much so that it feels like he's been with us forever. He is great with our dog too. Reena was very professional and helpful during the whole process of buying our kitten, and she planned everything to perfection. Ziggy is the perfect addition to our family and we wouldn't hesitate in buying another kitten from Angeldust.
Patricia, Flixton, Greater Manchester
We absolutely love our little boy. He is perfectly healthy, well socialised and friendly, and instantly fitted in with our family. Reena was exceptionally accommodating and has been available for anything we have needed. She has made such a difference in helping adjust to having a new member of our family.
Sara, Manchester
We are absolutely thrilled with our two beautiful and very happy Angeldust bengal kittens. Reena has been amazingly supportive and has answered all our questions along the way.
Stephanie, Neston, Wiltshire
Temperament, character and sociability are created, not only from good breeding, but nurturing too. Reena's kittens come with all the above in spade fulls. My new boy is the most affectionate kitten. I have to commend Reena on her professionalism, attention to detail and, above else, her support and kindness. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.
Alex, Alderley Edge, Cheshire
I highly recommend purchasing a Bengal kitten from Angeldust Bengals. Our kitten, Mufasa, is absolutely adorable. He has the most wonderful temperament and is the sweetest and most affectionate kitten ever! I am just so happy to have him. Reena has been wonderful and so supportive throughout the process. She is always available to provide helpful advice.
Kashif, Bradford
We would like to thank Reena so very much for our beautiful kitten. It is clear that Reena works incredibly hard at producing kittens that have superb rosetting, but are also so very healthy and have such great temperaments. Woody settled into our family straight away, from the minute he came out of the cat carrier. He isn't at all fazed by our three children wanting to be near him all the time. He's everything we wanted in a Bengal kitten, and so much more.
Darren, Dukinfield, Tameside
We cannot overstate just how quickly our kitten settled into our busy family home. She has clearly had a fantastic first three months before we took her home. She is playful, curious and so affectionate. We would highly recommend a kitten from Reena.
Aysa, Bury, Greater Manchester
We are first time Bengal owners and bought our little Archie from Reena at Angeldust bengals. Our experience was incredibly positive and we felt fully equipped to take Archie home. Reena provided us with food, toys, all his medical paperwork and great advice. Archie has settled into our home very quickly and is so friendly, healthy and super cute! We feel that Reena genuinely cares about the kittens who leave her care and she clearly gives them the best possible start. I would highly recommend Angeldust bengals and we are absolutely delighted with our new member of the family.
Emily, Heaton Mersey, Stockport
We are absolutely in love with our new bengal kitten! You can tell Reena puts a lot of love and hard work into her litters. When we first went to see our new kitten, the Queen and her litter were so socialised, playful and loving towards us. When the day came to pick up our kitten, Reena was very informative and helpful with any questions we had. The hand over process was complete and thorough. Our kitten settled in quickly and was litter trained, wormed and up to date with all his jabs. Our kitten is both playful and loving, not just with us, but with new people too. I believe this is down to Reena and how well she socialises the kittens throughout their first weeks in the world. Be careful if you go to view any kittens as you'll want to take them all home! Thank you again Reena. We are so happy with our new furry addition.
Paul, Manchester


When enquiring about a bengal kitten, please tell us a bit about yourself and the home you can offer one of our bengal kittens, including who lives at home, working hours, children etc. This helps us find you the best kitten for your household, activity levels and circumstances. Leaving a mobile number will ensure a quicker response, usually the same day. Email only enquiries will usually be responded to within 48 hours.