We strive hard to make sure your experience of buying an Angeldust Bengal kitten is as pleasurable and as smooth as possible. This section explains what happens once you decide to reserve one of our exquisite Bengal kittens and what happens once you have paid a deposit.

A deposit of £500 for a pet Bengal and £750 for a breeding Bengal is required to secure your kitten. This is deducted from the price. We always allow 48 hours to pay your deposit. After this time, the kitten will offered to another customer. Deposits are non refundable should the buyer change their mind for any reason and are not transferable to another kitten. Once the deposit is paid, we will email you a deposit receipt.

Within a few weeks of us receiving your deposit, we will send you our detailed electronic care booklet. This will include information about what to buy, how best to take care of your new addition, settling in information to help your kitten adjust to their new home and information on diet and what to feed. Please read this carefully as it will provide important information that will allow your kitten to acclimatise to his or her new surroundings as quickly as possible. You will be asked to sign this electronically to confirm receipt.

Bengal kittens are ready to join their new families at 14 weeks of age in the United Kingdom, or later, depending on the rules of the country of destination. At this age they are fully weaned, have learned valuable skills from their mother and litter mates, have been expertly socialised, are fully litter trained and have built stronger immune systems.

If you are using our pet courier service, we will have informed you of your delivery date. If you are collecting your kitten the release date will have been made clear to you at the time of reservation and you will have seven days from this date to collect your kitten. In either case, if you would like us to look after your kitten for a little longer (for example, if you have a holiday booked or a family event), we will be happy to do so at a boarding cost of £10 per day (per kitten). This is payable in advance. Failure to collect a kitten within the agreed time frame, without prior agreement, will mean the kitten will be resold with no refund of deposit.

Prior to getting your kitten, you must register him or her with a vet. An appointment must be booked for a health check within 48 hours of you receiving your kitten. This will validate your health guarantee. Our vet will directly email your veterinary surgery with your kittens veterinary notes prior to this appointment.

The final payment for your kitten must be made by bank transfer three days before you receive your kitten. This is whether you are collecting the kitten yourself or using our pet courier service. You will be emailed a receipt for the final payment.

Our kittens leave us under contract. You will receive this contract electronically as an e document before receiving your kitten and will be required to sign this. You will also receive an email from Petlog with instructions on how to transfer your kitten's microchip over to you. It is your legal responsibility to do this under Government animal welfare legislation and owners face fines if they do not do so. Petplan will also email you with details of your four weeks free Petplan insurance. Veterinary bills can be extremely expensive and so we recommend that you continue with the pet insurance cover you are given. The level of cover you opt for should realistically cover veterinary bills so you may wish to discuss this with your vet.

If you are collecting your kitten, handover of your new Bengal kitten will take approximately 45 minutes so please try your best to be on time. You will leave us with:

  • your kitten (neutered if leaving as a pet)
  • vaccination card
  • your kitten's TICA document
  • Your kitten's pedigree
  • A health record sheet for your kitten, with details of worming treatments etc

We will be on hand for any advice needed for the lifetime for your Bengal kitten. We hope this page has explained the process of adopting an Angeldust kitten clearly, but you have further questions, feel free to contact us.

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When enquiring about a bengal kitten, please tell us a bit about yourself and the home you can offer one of our bengal kittens, including who lives at home, working hours, children etc. This helps us find you the best kitten for your household, activity levels and circumstances. Leaving a mobile number will ensure a quicker response, usually the same day. Email only enquiries will usually be responded to within 48 hours.