Worldwide Delivery

bengal kitten courier

UK Delivery

We offer a door to door delivery service if our customers require it. We work closely with a trusted, experienced, Bengal cat loving, DEFRA licensed, specialist pet courier who can transport our kittens to any part of the UK, including the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and the Outer Hebrides. Your Bengal kitten will not travel with any other animals, which is important for both bio security reasons and minimising stress for your Bengal. They will be provided with a comfortable, clean and disinfected crate, bedding, litter tray and food and water for the journey, in a fully heated and air conditioned animal transport van. Journeys incorporate time to check on your Bengal kitten en route and give love and hugs! Safety and comfort are a priority so that your kitten arrives happy.

Transport Overseas

We can ship our Bengal kittens overseas, with the exception of a few countries. We will organise flights, the necessary documentation, the IATA approved travel crate, the required veterinary reports and vaccinations, airport transportation, pet passports and more. Your Bengal kitten will travel comfortably and safely. We do the hard work so that the whole process remains simple and stress free for you. All you will need to do is collect your new companion from the airport.