Our Bengal kittens are priced at £1500 as top quality pets. We are consistent in terms of the very high quality of kitten we produce here at Angeldust Bengals, so our prices do not fluctuate.

Adopting a Bengal kitten is a big commitment as he or she could be part of your family for the next twenty years. We want our kittens to be as happy as their new families are, so it is important to research the Bengal breed before taking the plunge so you can make sure that Bengals are right for you and your household. Please also read our Waiting List section and our Reserving a Kitten section if you wish to become the proud owner of an Angeldust Bengal kitten.

The price of a pet kitten from Angeldust Bengals includes:

  • A top quality, well socialised, Bengal kitten raised with love
  • Neutering
  • Microchip, registered with Petlog
  • A full vaccination course, including Rabies if going abroad
  • A minimum of four health checks with a veterinary surgeon.
  • A wealth of care information about looking after your new Bengal kitten
  • TICA registration certificate
  • Pedigree certificate
  • Our health guarantee, providing you with peace of mind
  • A dewormed kitten, that is also free from flea or mite infestation
  • A kitten that is genetically clear of PKdef, PRAb, PRA rdAc and PKD (Variant 1), the most common Bengal hereditary diseases. Further, a kitten that is clear of 44 other genetic diseases that we test for here at Angeldust Bengals. Your kitten will also be negative for FIV and FeLV infections, and from HCM screened parents
  • Four weeks free pet insurance to cover for the unexpected
  • An exceptional after care service for questions and advice
  • A new, high quality cat carrier for the journey home
  • A sample of food that your kitten is currently eating

bengal cats


When enquiring about a bengal kitten, please tell us a bit about yourself and the home you can offer one of our bengal kittens, including who lives at home, working hours, children etc. This helps us find you the best kitten for your household, activity levels and circumstances. Leaving a mobile number will ensure a quicker response, usually the same day. Email only enquiries will usually be responded to within 48 hours.