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Bengal Kitten - Aylesbury

Buying a kitten from Angeldust Bengals has been such a fantastic experience right from the first contact. Reena is a fantastic communicator, has been very clear throughout everything, has answered any questions we have had, sent great updates and pictures, and has been extremely helpful in our preparations for the arrival of our kitten. Milo, our kitten, is absolutely stunning, well socialised and such a sweet kitten. I genuinely don't believe that any other breeder offers a better service to make such a dream come true. I would absolutely have another kitten from Angeldust Bengals and would recommend them to anybody interested in adding another Bengal to their family. We will always be grateful.

Adrienne , Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
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Bengal Kitten - Westcombe Park

We have two beautiful, thriving and incredibly well trained Bengals from Angeldust Bengals. Reena was amazing from the start and all the way through the process. Our vet couldn't be more complimentary about how healthy and well cared for our kittens were by Angeldust. Thank you so much.

Christopher, Westcombe Park, London
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Bengal Kitten - Winchmore Hill

We have just bought our gorgeous Bengal, Findus, from Angeldust Bengals. Reena has been brilliant from day one and still is, operating with the highest level of professionalism and integrity, and is genuinely caring. Findus is everything we hoped for - healthy, energetic, curious and adorable. He's a complete joy! We are so grateful and can't thank Reena enough. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Angeldust Bengals.

Tarik, Winchmore Hill, London
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Bengal Kitten - Woolwich

Buying an Angeldust Bengal kitten has been the best experience I have ever had. From the moment I reached out to Reena, everything was done in a timely, friendly and professional manner. My kitten is beautiful, super loving and relaxed around people. He settled in with me immediately and I have a little companion for life. Reena is amazing with constant support and the desire for me to have a great experience with my kitten. Thank you so much Reena and Angeldust Bengals for doing an outstanding job.

Ehsun, Woolwich, London
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Bengal Kitten - Loughton

Our two Angeldust Bengals are a joy and have been with us for three months now. I spent a lot of time researching breeders before contacting Reena and, from that very first day, she has been first class. She is professional, friendly and has an obvious depth of knowledge that sadly isn't the norm. The boys had settled within only a few hours. We follow Reena's recommendations on diet, health and play and they continue to flourish. I can't recommend Angeldust Bengals enough.

David, Loughton, Essex
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Bengal Kitten - Islington

Once we were ready to welcome a Bengal kitten into our home, we had to find a reputable breeder. Reena and Angeldust Bengals ticked all the boxes, making the whole process a joy, smooth and worry free. From the initial contact, right through to getting our kitten, Reena has been available for any questions we had. This resulted in the transition to his new home being as smooth as possible and allowed him to settle into his new surroundings very quickly. The care document and welcome pack are very useful. The biggest endorsement of Reena is how well our kitten has already been brought up. He's very sociable and chatty. He enjoys playing as much as having cuddles and is a welcome addition to our household. I would have no hesitation in recommending Angeldust Bengals to anyone looking for a Bengal kitten of their own.

Robert, Islington, London
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Bengal Kitten - Staines Upon Thames

For many years I have wanted a top quality Bengal. After carefully sifting through many breeders, I found Angeldust Bengals, a TICA registered breeder. Reading through their website, reviews and other sources, I felt that this was the place. Reena's passion, experience, and quality of Bengals assured me that this is where I wanted my Bengal to come from. When I made contact with Reena, she informed me that there was a long waiting list. All I can say, is that it is so worth the wait. After our kitten was born, we were contacted, sent photos and a video and it was ensured that she was the right kitten for us. It was love at first sight! Throughout the 14 week process, we were sent photos and kept updated. We still refer to the informative care booklet that we were sent. Reena has been fantastic. She puts so much effort into her kittens and this really shines through in Kiki's personality. Our kitten is healthy, happy, well behaved, socialised and full of character. I would highly recommend Reena. She is a quality breeder with very high standards.

Anabela, Staines Upon Thames, Surrey
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Bengal Kitten - Orpington

I have a stunning, male, snow mink Bengal from Angeldust. Reena has been wonderful throughout the whole process and has always kept me up to date and sent photos. She is incredibly professional and knowledgeable and must be one of the best breeders there is. My kitten was already litter trained, friendly and has such a sweet temperament. I highly recommend Angeldust Bengals. Thank you Reena!

Jeyda, Orpington, Kent
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Bengal Kitten - Chislehurst

Reena has been an absolute delight to deal with. The time and effort she puts into her kittens shows in the way our beloved She-Ra has adapted to us. She-Ra is everything we have ever wanted and more - she's inquisitive, cheeky and so lively. We are besotted with her. All this is possible because Reena has puts so much into socialising her kittens. I'm forever asking questions and Reena is so patient with explaining everything, sometimes several times over! Thank you so much Reena for bringing so much joy into our lives.

Fauzia, Chislehurst, Kent
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Bengal Kitten - Cheam

Loki, our Angeldust Bengal kitten, has such a great personality, is very friendly, talkative, extremely inquisitive , playful and full of energy. He has a different relationship with everyone in the household - he finds peace and love with our 16 year old son, finds boundless enthusiasm and playfulness with our 12 year old son, and my wife and I simply dote on him. Thanks so much Reena for a fantastic Bengal and a VIP member of our family.

Matthew, Cheam, Surrey
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Bengal Kitten - Cheam

Loki, our Angeldust Bengal kitten, has such a great personality, is very friendly, talkative, extremely inquisitive , playful and full of energy. He has a different relationship with everyone in the household - he finds peace and love with our 16 year old son, finds boundless enthusiasm and playfulness with our 12 year old son, and my wife and I simply dote on him. Thanks so much Reena for a fantastic Bengal and a VIP member of our family.

Matthew, Cheam, Surrey
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Bengal Kitten - Acton

We really couldn't have had a better experience with Reena and Angeldust Bengals. Both the initial and on going communication was fantastic, prompt and informative. While we were on the waiting list, Reena kept us updated on progress and when we reserved a kitten, Reena kept us updated on his with information and photos. Reena was available to message and speak to at all times, and we felt fully involved. It's so clear that Reena truly loves the animals she breeds, and that really is reflected in Dozer's temperament. Dozer is so comfortable with people and it's clear that he has been handled lots by people who care for him as he is such a trusting, happy, fun and vocal little chap. He is everything we had wanted and Reena made the process so easy. When we decide to get another, it will absolutely be an Angeldust Bengal.

Robert, Acton, London
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Bengal Kitten - Willesden

We are very happy with our new addition to our family. Our Angeldust Bengal kitten adjusted to his new home incredibly fast and was already litter trained when he arrived. He is so sociable and we can appreciate the professionalism and expertise involved from Reena in breeding top quality kittens.

Rafael, Willesden, London
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Bengal Kitten - Wandsworth

I'm completely in love with my two Bengals from Angeldust. They are two of the most most beautiful and sweetest kittens I have ever spent time with - so playful, hilarious, intelligent, special and very cuddly. It is obvious that Reena has raised them incredibly well as they are so sociable and very happy to be handled and cuddled. I could not be happier and it was worth the wait. Reena has been so helpful through the process and is still available to answer questions - it's great to know that she is a Bengal master safety net, should it be required. I have been recommending Reena to everyone - it's impossible to be disappointed with kittens like these.

Celine, Wandsworth, London
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Bengal Kitten - Finchley

Reena at Angeldust Bengals was super helpful in helping me choose the perfect boy for me. She regularly updated me on his progress and with photos, as well as providing me with all the information I needed to get ready for his arrival. He is honestly the most stunning Bengal I have ever seen and everyone comments on how beautiful he is. I would highly recommend Angeldust Bengals

James, Finchley, London
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Bengal Kitten - Beckenham

The experience of buying our Bengal kitten from Angeldust could not have been better. The whole process was first class, from the very first phone call with Reena, to our kitten's arrival with us. Reena's experience and care for her cats is clear in everything she does. We would recommend Angeldust Bengals to anyone looking to welcome a beautiful kitten into their family.

Helene, Beckenham, Kent
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Bengal Kitten - Plaistow

Zion is our first family pet. After lots of research, I had no doubt that Angeldust Bengals was the right breeder for us and I was not wrong. Zion has been with us for two months now and he has been nothing but a joy, from the first minute he came out of the carrier. He's so smart and sociable. He loves cuddles, playing with the children, and loves going to the park on a leash, where he is so happy strolling by my side. And did I say how gorgeous he looks? Thanks again Reena!

Metkel, Plaistow, London
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Bengal Kitten - Ladywell

We have had our gorgeous Roxxy for a week and couldn't be happier. She is bright, active, playful, and, of course, absolutely stunning. She has clearly been very well socialised and is wonderful with our two boisterous children. This is our first family pet and our first experience with a breeder. Although we were nervous about the process, Reena was very professional, responsive and helpful throughout. She took care of the extra challenges of delivering our kitten during lockdown. When we took her for her kitten check up, our vet commented what a good breeder we have as everything was so well prepared and organised for us. I would absolutely recommend Reena if you are looking for a Bengal kitten.

Lenore, Ladywell, London
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Bengal Kitten - Northwood

We would recommend Angeldust Bengals to anyone who is looking for a top quality, highly socialised Bengal kitten. Zavi is our first pet (apart from fish) and there a certain level of nervousness when buying a Bengal. Reena was fantastic, always available and patient whilst dealing with all of our questions. We have had Zavi for over a week and he is a delight. He has fitted in seamlessly, is confident and playful. He eats well and uses the litter tray, with little effort from us. Reena has created a very special breeding programme and, if we were to buy a second kitten, there is only one place we would go.

Mitul, Northwood, London
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Bengal Kitten - Luton

We are so pleased with our little bundle of joy, Sakura. She's an absolute beauty, with an amazing temperament and has blended into our family so well. I want to thank Reena for such a smooth process from the very first moment I made the enquiry, to actually getting her. We look forward to another Bengal further down the line from Angeldust. Many, many thanks Reena.

Shazia, Luton
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Bengal Kitten - Epsom

We have just welcomed Merlot into our home and she is simply magnificent. Everything, from her rosettes, friendliness and temperament, are second to none. It is clear she has come from a loving and caring breeder. Reena was fantastic. I'm a serial planner and had lots of questions and Reena was so patient answering everything that was put to her. Her supporting literature was incredibly helpful, giving clear instructions on best practice, things to buy and how to make Merlot's transition into her new home as smooth as possible. Merlot has adjusted brilliantly, she loves playing and cuddling on the sofa. If you are looking for a Bengal then look no further. You will not find a breeder that can match Angeldust. Thank you Reena!

Tom and Nia, Epsom, Surrey
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Bengal Kitten - Queens Park

I recently adopted a snow lynx Bengal kitten from Angeldust Bengals. I had been searching for the right breeder for a while when I stumbled across Angeldust who were highly recommended on some Blogs. In order to meet my specification of kitten, I had been on the waiting list with Angeldust for about eight months. Reena maintained constant communication throughout. As a first time owner, I had a lot of questions over this time which were all answered, so I could prepare properly. Even now the kitten is here with me, we are still in contact and Reena is checking how the kitten and I are adjusting. I am grateful for the support and amazing service that I have received, even in lockdown when things are challenging. I am really happy welcoming Rio into my family. Thank you Reena.

Nathanael, Queens Park, London
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Bengal Kitten - Beckenham

I honestly don't know how Reena does it, but our new kitten arrived, ate and played straight away (even with the children) and within a few days was even sleeping on our laps! He is absolutely stunning and everyone who meets him, wants him! Reena is a true professional and clearly cares for each and every kitten. It is clear just how much effort she puts into this. She also provided lots of information to help plan for his arrival and on how to look after our new kitten.

Seran, Beckenham, Kent
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Bengal Kitten - Kilburn

We have had the most wonderful experience with Reena, of Angeldust Bengals. We came to her having recently lost our first Bengal, Oscar. He had left a huge void and we wanted to welcome another Bengal into our family. Reena dealt with us with so sensitively and professionally. She steered us through what could have been a difficult process (i.e. replacing a beloved pet) and made it a very smooth and happy one. We have now welcomed Max, our Bengal kitten, into our family. He has settled in very quickly, is absolutely gorgeous and has a beautiful nature. Reena clearly runs her programme with the highest standard of care and professionalism.

Lia, Kilburn, London
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Bengal Kitten - Bromley

I write this with one of our two new Bengal kittens asleep on my lap and the other pressed up against me. They have been here just over a week and they are already so well adjusted to their new environment and so comfortable with us. They take everything in their stride. It's clear that they have had the best start in life and Reena has been great. I am new to cat ownership and so was nervous. However, Reena has been very helpful and very responsive to any questions I had. The paperwork was all so well organised too. I highly recommend Reena to all.

Claire, Bromley, Kent
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Bengal Kitten - New Malden

We are delighted with our beautiful, new, Bengal kitten, Rocky. He has settled so well into our household, which speaks volumes about the way he has been brought up in those few formative weeks by Reena. Her kittens are well trained and socialised so when they meet their new families, they take no time to bond. Reena is very informative and always on hand to answer questions. She clearly cares deeply for her cats and kittens. I would highly recommend Angeldust Bengals if you are thinking about getting a Bengal kitten. Thank you Reena!

Utpala, New Malden, Surrey
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Bengal Kitten - Perivale

I would highly recommend Angeldust Bengals. Reena made every step of the process as smooth as possible, providing lots of information and answering all my questions. My kitten is well behaved and enjoying his new home!

Daniel, Perivale, London
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Bengal Kitten - East Ham

The beautiful Bengal kitten we bought from Reena at Angeldust Bengals is everything we hoped she could be. She is super playful, really friendly and loves cuddles. Reena is great and helped us with everything. She has so much knowledge about the Bengal breed and she has been lovely to deal with. I would highly recommend Angeldust Bengals.

Tomasz, East Ham, London

Bengal Kitten - East Horsley

We conducted a lot of research when looking for our new Bengal kitten, and wanted to make sure we were only dealing with a respected and well recognised breeder. It was evident from the outset that Reena's top priority is the health and well being of her animals, and we had complete confidence in our decision to choose Angeldust Bengals. Her communication was excellent throughout and the supportive information she provides is incredibly helpful, making us feel well prepared for our kitten. We want to thank Angeldust Bengals for our adorable new family member.

Jonathan, East Horsley, Surrey

Bengal Kitten - Westminster

Our experience of adopting two new friends with Angeldust Bengals was fantastic. Reena's professionalism was evident, from start to finish. She provided detailed instructions, addressed all my queries and dealt with everything seamlessly. Our Bengal kittens are not only healthy and good looking, but have the most wonderful temperaments. They have such a kind and gentle nature when playing with our children, and they adapted very quickly to their new home. I highly recommend Angeldust Bengals for anyone seeking a professional breeder that produces both delightful and incredibly well socialised Bengals.

Nadya, Westminster, London

Bengal Kitten - Marylebone

We are so happy with Ziggy, our beautiful, new Bengal kitten. Reena of Angeldust Bengals has been fabulous. Everything she does is with love and care. She has been so helpful, and her advice and support through the process has been great. Thank you Reena and Angeldust Bengals.

Hiroma, Marylebone, London

Bengal Kitten - Bermondsey

I want to express my deepest gratitude for the exceptional care, genuine kindness, and clear and concise communication that we experienced when purchasing our Bengal kitten from Angeldust Bengals. Reena's dedication to ensuring that we had a positive experience has left a lasting impression on us. From the moment we first reached out to enquire about buying a Bengal kitten, Reena was incredibly helpful, responsive and friendly. Her knowledge and passion for these magnificent cats was evident in every interaction we had. She willingly answered all our questions, no matter how trivial. She made the entire process so positive and seamless. Her attention to detail and her commitment to transparency (unusual for a breeder) reassured us that we were making the right choice. Moreover, the care and love Reena showed our kitten while he was at Angeldust Bengals was exceptional, and he received the very best start in life. He is healthy, playful, well socialised and affectionate, and it was clear what a nurturing environment Reena provides her kittens. Reena's dedication to her work shines through, and her commitment to her beautiful cats is admirable. We feel incredibly fortunate to have found Angeldust Bengals and to have had the pleasure of dealing with Reena. Our kitten, Ezekiel, has quickly become a cherished member of our family, bringing us joy, laughter and endless cuddles. He has seamlessly adjusted to his new home, which is a testament to all the care and love he received from Angeldust Bengals. We wholeheartedly recommend Angeldust Bengals to anyone seeking to buy a Bengal kitten, knowing that they will receive the same exceptional care and service that we have.

Matt, Bermondsey, London

Bengal Kitten - Watford

We are so pleased we chose Reena and Angeldust Bengals. Both our kittens are confident, litter trained, healthy, well adjusted and affectionate. It is very evident just how much love, stimulation and social interaction they were given before they arrived with us. Reena was so responsive and remains so. Nala and Tika settled immediately and are very alert and clever. In fact, too clever for our peace of mind! They are beyond beautiful. Thank you Reena.

Katina, Watford, London

Bengal Kitten - Totteridge and Whetstone

We are so pleased at how everything went when we got our kitten from Angeldust Bengals. Communication was so easy with Reena from the very beginning, and she clearly explained the process, and gave us all the information we needed to care for our beautiful kitten from the start. Our kitten has a perfect coat, he is very affectionate, and wasn't at all scared when he arrived, playing so soon after he got here. We would recommend Angeldust Bengals if you are looking for a truly beautiful Bengal kitten.

Laura, Totteridge and Whetstone, London

Bengal Kitten - Chafford Hundred

We knew the next cat we would get would be a Bengal, so we searched high and low for the right breeder. When I came across Angeldust Bengals, from the very first conversation I had with Reena and the class of her breeding cats, I knew this was the breeder I wanted my kitten from. Reena is exceptionally knowledgeable and, best of all, listened to what I wanted. She matched the perfect kitten with us. Lilly has been an absolute joy from the moment she arrived, eating, drinking and using the litter tray from day one. Reena's socialisation of the kitten is incredible and it shows. Lilly is the most loving kitten I have ever had, and all this from day one. We have our perfect Bengal kitten and all thanks to Reena and the hard work and love she puts into her cats. If you are looking for a Bengal, look no further. I truly believe Angeldust Bengals is the top breeder in the UK.

Zohora, Chafford Hundred, Essex

Bengal Kitten - Shadwell

The beautiful Bengal kitten we bought from Reena is everything we were looking for. Chilli is the perfect addition to our home. Reena is exceptionally knowledgeable, organised and proactive with guiding you through everything. She has so much knowledge about Bengals and it is clear how much love she puts into her work. We will be returning to Angeldust Bengals!

Stephen, Shadwell, London

Bengal Kitten - Ruislip

My experience buying two Bengals kittens from Angeldust Bengals has been better than I ever could have expected. Their transition to their new home has been seemless and they were both so out going from the moment they got here. They are an absolute pleasure and became part of my family so quickly. They have excellent temperaments and are fantastic with my young children. The vet also commented how well they had been looked after by their breeder at their first health check. Thanks Reena.

Gary, Ruislip, London