Bengal Kittens in Singapore

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Bengal Kitten - Singapore

I am most happy with our kitten from Angeldust Bengals. Reena has raised a kitten that is not only beautiful, but has such a sweet and gentle temperament. I have been so pleased with Reena's professionalism in handling all the documentation, ensuring that everything went smoothly and our kitten arrived safely in Singapore.

Lim Siew, Singapore

Bengal Kitten - Singapore

After some unpleasant experiences with local breeders in Singapore, we started to look for a Bengal kitten from abroad. We found Angeldust Bengals and after reading her testimonials and discussions over the telephone with Reena, there was no doubt that we had found the breeder we were looking for. Reena is a true professional, with a ton of knowledge about the breed and about transportation overseas. She is always quick to respond. Once our boy arrived, we opened the transport box and he ran straight over to us and became part of our family immediately. All this, immediately after his long journey across the globe. You could see immediately that he was good with people and the everyday household noises that come with daily life. This was very important to us as we have a toddler, who is best friends with the kitten now! Toby, our kitten, is truly amazing in every way, and more. To be honest, I could just keep praising Reena and our kitten. Thank you Reena for everything.

Antti, Singapore