Bengal Kittens in South East

See what our previous Bengal Kitten owners in South East have to say about Angeldust Bengals

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Bengal Kitten - Billericay

Both our boys from Angeldust Bengals have so clearly been very well socialised. They weren't even phased by meeting new people immediately on arrival! Throughout the process Reena has been very supportive and i greatly appreciated the photo updates. I happily recommend Angeldust Bengals to anyone considering having a Bengal in their lives.

Steven, Billericay, Essex
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Bengal Kitten - Maidenhead

I did a lot of research to find the right breeder for a new snow lynx Bengal kitten, and it certainly paid off when I found Reena and Angeldust Bengals. Reena is extremely knowledgeable and professional , and it is obvious how much she cares about her cats and kittens. The experience of working with Reena has been a pleasure from the first contact through to getting our gorgeous boy, Lumi. The service she offers is outstanding and we couldn't be happier.

Laira, Maidenhead, Berkshire
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Bengal Kitten - Southampton

It has been a pleasure for get a Bengal from Angeldust Bengals. The process has been smooth, with great communication. We now have a perfect new member of our family who was immediately settled, playful and our daughter's new best friend. He is stunning! Thank you Reena

Hannah, Southampton, Hampshire
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Bengal Kitten - Canterbury

We are so pleased that we got our kitten, Betty, from Angeldust Bengals. She is really thriving. Reena has been excellent from start to finish, and clearly cares passionately about the well being of her cats. This is as well as being extremely knowledgeable and helpful. The care booklet she provides is excellent too.

Alison, Canterbury, Kent
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Bengal Kitten - Kings Hill

Our kitten from Angeldust Bengals is a delight and it's clear how well she has been cared for and cherished by Reena. I can, with no hesitation, recommend Angeldust Bengals. Thank you so much Angeldust - we love her!

Claire, Kings Hill, Kent
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Bengal Kitten - Cross in Hand

I was raised on a farm in Africa, surrounded by game reserves on three sides, so have a history with cats, big and small. Returning to the UK, we especially missed our big cats. They bring a magic and hold a presence that we have never experienced with other animals. Having decided that we want cats in the UK, we researched the possibilities and came across the Bengal breed. We reached out to Reena at Angeldust to learn more and were delighted by Reena's expert knowledge and patience with all our questions. Our experience with Reena and Angeldust Bengals has been exceptional. Images, videos and a professionally constructed pack, made our lives so simple during those first few days, allowing us to focus on our cats. Our two kittens from Angeldust are magical, exceeding our expectations in every way. Playful, inquisitive and engaging, they settled into our home within days, displaying a remarkable level of social acceptance to every member of our family. If you are looking for love at first sight, with endless fun and mountains of energetic entertainment, we cannot recommend Angeldust Bengals enough. We are forever grateful for Sol and Luna, who have already changed our lives so spectacularly.

Raul, Cross in Hand, East Sussex
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Bengal Kitten - Banbury

I couldn't be happier with how amazingly playful, gentle and friendly my kitten, Onion, was as soon as she arrived here. It was as if she had been with me months, rather than hours. She happily played with her toys, came to me for plenty of fussing and then settled down for a nap, after a spot of lunch. When I lost my first Bengal after 13 years together, I knew the only way to fill the hole he had left was to get another Bengal, Finding the best breeder possible was very important. In Reena, at Angeldust, I undoubtedly found the best breeder. Her communication was fantastic, throughout the process and I have a lovely, beautifully looked after kitten now. I can't recommend or thank Reena enough for everything she has done.

Matt, Banbury, Oxfordshire
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Bengal Kitten - Reading

Ever since I first contacted Reena, I knew she was the right breeder for us. Her kittens are raised with her family and you really can tell the difference! Our kitten, Ziggy, is the most handsome boy, fun and affectionate. The whole process with Angeldust Bengals was extremely smooth. We were provided with all the necessary information - everything from where to buy food to vaccinations. We really love Reena's personal approach. We are over the moon with our companion and if ever he needs a friend, we know where to go.

Gabriela, Reading, Berkshire
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Bengal Kitten - Witney

Thank you Reena for our beautiful Mabel. She is the most affectionate, funny and gorgeous kitten. The whole family love her and we would wholeheartedly recommend Angeldust as a five star Bengal breeder!

Shelley, Witney, Oxfordshire
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Bengal Kitten - Chichester

Angeldust Isis is our first Bengal and Reena has been a forever, present, helping hand and is always quick to respond, advise and reassure. This has been a fantastic experience with a truly wonderful breeder.

David, Chichester, West Sussex
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Bengal Kitten - Thornwood

We couldn't be happier with our handsome new boy from Angeldust Bengals. Not only is he beautiful, he is also wonderfully good natured and was sitting on our laps from day one. He came fully litter trained too! Our experience has been brilliant from start to finish and Reena has gone above and beyond to help us, and kept in touch the whole way through. We couldn't recommend Angeldust Bengals highly enough.

Richard, Thornwood, Essex
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Bengal Kitten - Slough

We had no previous experience of owning a Bengal and so contacted Angeldust Bengals. Reena was informative and gave us lots of advice, including on owning a Bengal with a 12 month old baby. Reena takes the upmost care of her cats and kittens and we are very happy with our kitten, Doris, and also the aftercare offered by Reena.

Ali, Slough, Berkshire
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Bengal Kitten - Ewshot

Our two beautiful boys, Kiwi and Hongi, have been with us for only two days and we are already smitten. Both have settled in really well with no issues. They are just so, so sweet and so smoochy and affectionate! They are incredibly playful and the kids don't want to do anything other than play with them. The kids have had loads of cuddles with them too. We are so thrilled. Reena at Angeldust Bengals obviously invests a lot of time into breeding well socialised, healthy and happy kittens. I am so glad we chose her.

Rachel, Ewshot, Hampshire
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Bengal Kitten - Henley on Thames

If you're looking for a Bengal breeder then you need look no further than Angeldust Bengals. I cannot recommend Reena highly enough for her amazing knowledge about Bengals, as well as her on going support. Everytime I have had a question, Reena has been on tap to answer. Our snow lynx kitten, Sultan, has settled in really well. He has such a lovely, affectionate and playful temperament. It is evident to everyone that he has come from a loving breeder. Reena really cares about the type of home each one of her kittens goes to. Sultan has brought much laughter and joy to our home. Thank you Reena for giving us such a lovely ray of sunshine in Sultan. If we ever decide to buy another Bengal kitten, we wouldn't think twice about going straight back to Angeldust Bengals.

Naveed, Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire
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Bengal Kitten - Godalming

Our new Bengal kitten, Joey, is the perfect addition to our busy household. He is the most wonderful kitten we could have ever hoped for. Reena has done a great job and he has been a dream; sleeping well, eating well and using his litter box. He is very much a part of our family already. Thank you Reena for bringing Joey into our lives.

Luffa, Godalming, Surrey
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Bengal Kitten - Southampton

From the very first contact, Reena has been great and always replies to my questions quickly. My beautiful Bengal boy not only looks amazing, but has been so well looked after by Reena and has integrated so well into my family. He settled in straight away and is full of life, love and purrs! Reena is still on the end of the phone for further questions. I would highly recommend buying one of her beautiful Bengal kittens. Thank you Reena!

Kirby, Southampton, Hampshire

Bengal Kitten - Shoreham

Our new family member, Vesper, is a very affectionate, happy, playful, healthy, and well socialised kitten. She is a stunning Bengal, with gorgeous markings. We take our animal choices very seriously as a family and Reena has been a fantastic breeder to work with and we are very pleased. She provided such helpful information, and she performs a barrage of tests on her breeding cats which gave us confidence about our kittens genetic health. I would highly recommend Reena to anyone seeking a very special Bengal kitten.

Antonia, Shoreham, Kent

Bengal Kitten - Curbridge

Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted a beautiful Bengal. I found Angeldust Bengals and Reena, who has been amazing throughout the whole process. She provided all the information I needed on how to look after and raise a Bengal and she made it such a smooth process. And a girl my new kitten is - absolutely beautiful! Everyone comments on her markings and her temperament is just perfect. I am so happy with Angeldust and am now waiting for a little boy from them. I cannot recommend them enough.

Louise, Curbridge, Hampshire

Bengal Kitten - Epping

I can not say enough good things about Reena and Angeldust Bengals. Lilo and Stitch arrived home yesterday, and within five minutes they were running around, exploring and playing. The kittens are happy, inquisitive and completely socialised. They love being around people. All of this is a testament to the care and the love that Reena has shown them.

Brandon, Epping, Essex

Bengal Kitten - Wisborough Green

We have just welcomed our new kitten from Reena at Angeldust Bengals. From the first moment, she was happy being stroked and played with (for hours) by two very lively children. She was eating and using the litter tray straight away. It was amazing! The temperament and quality of the kitten is testament to Reena and her breeding program.

Umit , Wisborough Green, West Sussex

Bengal Kitten - Harlow

From my very first contact with Reena, it was immediately obvious how much love, affection and knowledge she has for the Bengal breed. Our beautiful little girl, Jonesy, has settled in brilliantly and is already one of the family. Thank you so much Reena!

Neil, Harlow, Essex

Bengal Kitten - Reading

We are absolutely besotted with our kitten, Sebastian. You can tell immediately that he has been raised in a loving, safe environment and he is really well socialised. Reena has been helpful and responsive throughout the process. I would highly recommend Angeldust Bengals.

Grace, Reading, Berkshire

Bengal Kitten - Ivor

We contacted Reena at Angeldust Bengals after researching Bengal breeders for quite a few months. Nala, our beautiful brown rosetted kitten, settled into our home immediately, exploring and playing. She is so pretty, with fantastic rosetting and such a smooth, shiny coat. She is just so affectionate too. The welcome pack was great and we feel at ease knowing that Reena is just at the other end of the phone if we need any extra advice. I thoroughly reccomend Angeldust Bengals.

Paul, Ivor, Buckinghamshire