Bengal Kittens in Yorkshire

See what our previous Bengal Kitten owners in Yorkshire have to say about Angeldust Bengals

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Bengal Kitten - Methley

Rupert is our new addition to our small family. During our research process, it became very apparent that Angeldust Bengals was perfect for us. Regular communication from Reena made the whole process effortless. It was apparent within the first couple of hours that Rupert was home with us that he is a confident, curious and well socialised boy. Thank you Reena.

Jane, Methley, West Yorkshire
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Bengal Kitten - Wakefield

Our experience with Reena has been outstanding, and we couldn't be happier with the service and support she has provided. Our kitten, Bao, is a delight, and we have been blown away by her friendly and confident demeanour, as well as her stunning appearance. Reena has done an excellent job socialising her, and she very quickly settled into our home, exploring and playing with us. We are grateful for Reena's commitment to breeding healthy, well socialised kittens, and we can't recommend her enough to anyone in search of a furry companion. Thank you Reena for bringing such joy and love into our lives.

Marianne, Wakefield, West Yorkshire
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Bengal Kitten - Beverley

Angeldust Bengals have been amazing from the first contact, right through to getting our kitten. Reena has always been prompt to respond to my queries and has answered every single question. We received regular photo updates and were kept informed on how she was doing. Our kitten had been so well taken care of by Reena and had completely settled into our home within an hour. She has been so well socialised and has a beautiful temperament. She is very playful, but also loves to cuddle. She is the most perfect kitten! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Angeldust Bengals and would certainly return if we extend our family. My heartfelt thanks to Reena for her caring, professional attitude and all her work towards excellent breeding.

Georgina, Beverley, East Yorkshire
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Bengal Kitten - Crofton

We can't recommend Angeldust Bengals enough. Our beautiful kitten, Rosie, has only been with us for two days and has taken no time at all to settle in her new home. She is confident, cuddly, playful and extremely socialble. We have taken her to our vet for her health check which she passed with flying colours and our vet commented on the excellence of her breeder. She is the perfect family pet and we are absolutely delighted. Thank you Reena, we are besotted.

Rachel, Crofton, West Yorkshire
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Bengal Kitten - Sheffield

Our kitten from Angeldust Bengals is absolutely wonderful and has settled in perfectly. He is completely litter trained and so we can just concentrate on playtime and snuggles. Reena ensures that the whole process is incredibly organised and reassuring. The vet described our kitten as 'delicious' and we agree!

Elinor, Sheffield, South Yorkshire
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Bengal Kitten - Sheffield

My experience of getting my gorgeous Bengal kitten from Reena at Angeldust has been such a pleasurable experience from start to finish, and I couldn't be happier with the lively new addition to our family. He has an amazing personality and I absolutely adore him. I contacted Reena at the start of the year to be put on her waiting list after having a good look at her website, which I found to be clear and have a good ethos. Reena got back to me quickly and has friendly and helpful. It felt really reassuring to have this personal contact and she gave me confidence in her as a breeder. Reena sent me lots of helpful information on care so that I could prepare for his arrival. She really took the time to create a personal connection and was always clear and timely about what was happening and what to expect, which has been lovely. Now that we have him, we are so happy! He is clearly happy and healthy and is absolutely stunning. It's nice that I feel that Reena is still there to ask questions and advice if this may be be necessary. Thank you Reena for our gorgeous boy.

Hannah, Sheffield, South Yorkshire
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Bengal Kitten - Leeds

Thank you Reena for our most beautiful, healthy, playful, well socialised and loving little boy. He is exactly what we wanted! Angeldust Bengals have been fantastic throughout the whole process of getting our kitten. We had researched both the breed and different breeders beforehand and are so glad we chose Angeldust. Our vet commented how healthy and sturdy he was,and how it was wonderful that Reena kept the kittens for 14 weeks, so they did not leave too early.

Megan, Leeds, West Yorkshire
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Bengal Kitten - Leeds

Having owned two Bengals before, we knew what to expect and so spent a long time looking for the right breeder. We first discovered Angeldust Bengals some time ago and it was obvious from our first contact with Reena that she was such a knowledgeable, ethical and helpful breeder and that we wouldn't go anywhere else for our new family addition. Plus, her Bengals are the most beautiful we have ever seen. So, we are now the proud parents of a gorgeous kitten, Sula. She settled into our home from day one and she is such a confident, loving, inquisitive and energetic character, which we have no doubt is down to Reena's loving care and approach to rearing her kittens. Reena provided us with on going information and pictures of Sula prior to her coming home with us. It's very obvious that Reena cares about the welfare of her cats both before and after they leave her. We would recommend Angeldust Bengals to anyone and we can't wait to collect our second kitten in May!

Tony and Janet, Leeds, West Yorkshire

Bengal Kitten - Leeds

After losing our Maine Coon girl, we did a lot of research to find the right breeder for our new kitten. We decided on the Bengal and, trust me, you will not find a better breeder than Reena from Angeldust. Our Enzo is a beautiful, intelligent boy. I could write an essay about the support from Reena, and how well our kitten was prepared to live in a new home with complete strangers. There is one thing you need to know, you can stop looking at breeders as you have found the right one in Angeldust Bengals.

Marcin, Leeds, West Yorkshire

Bengal Kitten - Appleton-le-Street

We wholeheartedly recommend Angeldust Bengals if you are looking for an extra special Bengal kitten to join your family. Reena kept us updated on our boy's progress as we waited for him to be ready to join us. He is super healthy, intelligent, and so affectionate which is a testament to the care he received in Reena's loving hands. Thank you Reena, we cannot begin to express the sheer joy that you and our kitten, Albie have contributed to our family.

Justine, Appleton-le-Street, North Yorkshire

Bengal Kitten - Beverley

We were worried about finding the right breeder and spent a large amount of time researching before deciding on Angeldust Bengals. Reena and been extremely professional and helpful, from the initial telephone call, to answering all my queries, to actually receiving our kitten. We are genuinely impressed with the level of detail that has gone into our kitten being ready for us. Reena has provided us with meaningful information and has clarified any gaps in our knowledge. Bengals are special, so this level of expertise was very much appreciated. It is evident that Reena cares about her kittens very much. We now have the most wonderful new family member!

Dionysios, Beverley, East Yorkshire

Bengal Kitten - Bradford

I have recently had the pleasure of welcoming our Angeldust kitten into our home. She is stunning, with the most beautiful rosettes. She has so quickly become part of our family, and is cuddly and affectionate. Reena even organised professional delivery and I was sent a wealth of information before she arrived.

Emillie, Bradford, West Yorkshire

Bengal Kitten - Sheffield

Yesterday we welcomed home our beautiful boy, Neo. He is the most stunning colour and has the most stunning rosettes, not to mention his glittery coat! I've never seen a kitten quite like this before. He is amazingly well behaved and litter trained. He is so much fun, very playful and talkative. We are thankful to Reena at Angeldust Bengals for breeding such beautiful kittens. Reena kept in touch throughout the process and sent us lots of information we needed and even organised delivery. I highly recommend getting your Bengal kitten from Angeldust.

Adina, Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Bengal Kitten - Leeds

We have our first Bengal kitten Arya from Angeldust Bengals and it has been a great experience. She is such a beautiful kitten and Reena gave us all the advice and information we needed to prepare for bringing her home, even preparing a goody bag for her to leave with. Our vet was very impressed at how thorough Reena's care of our kitten had been. I would 100% recommend that anyone wanting a Bengal kitten go straight to Angeldust Bengals.

Alexandra, Leeds

Bengal Kitten - Bradford

I highly recommend purchasing a Bengal kitten from Angeldust Bengals. Our kitten, Mufasa, is absolutely adorable. He has the most wonderful temperament and is the sweetest and most affectionate kitten ever! I am just so happy to have him. Reena has been wonderful and so supportive throughout the process. She is always available to provide helpful advice.

Kashif, Bradford