1. Our kittens are TICA registered, have been expertly bred and come from some of the very best bloodlines in the world. Therefore, when you buy from us, you will know you are buying a purebred Bengal kitten. Angeldust Bengals has invested both the time and expense in widening our gene pool from afar with the best quality Bengals, thus ensuring that our kittens are top quality too.

2. Our cats and kittens live at home with us. They are never caged inside or outside. This makes all the difference to how sociable and affectionate your kittens will be, and how easily they will adapt to your home environment.

3. Before kittens leave us, they will have completed our rigorous, positive socialisation program. They will get used to all sorts of different people, including young children, and will have become used to noise, such as doorbells, kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaners etc. They will be used to all the comings and goings of a busy household. They will be used to playing with toys and will be scratch post and litter trained. They will have travelled inside a cat carrier, in a car, and will have visited the vet on four occasions. They will be able to form positive bonds with people, making their transition to their new homes as smooth and quick as possible. By the time they come to you, they will be intrepid, little explorers.

bengal cats

4. All our breeding cats are genetically screened for both Progressive Retinal Atrophy Bengal (PRA Bengal), Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency (PKdef), Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) and PRA rdAC so we can guarantee that your kitten will not have these genetic diseases that run in some Bengal lines.

5. All our breeding cats are tested negative for FIV and FeLV, so can not pass these deadly infectious diseases onto your kitten.

6. No cat will remain in our breeding program if found to have Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM). We responsibly screen all our breeding cats for this annually with a certified cardiologist that we have worked with for many years. Although, this of course, can not guarantee that your kitten will never develop heart disease in its entire lifetime (HCM affects all mammals), it will eliminate cats that screen positive from our breeding program.

7. Our kittens are vaccinated with Purevax RCPch FeLV, for Feline Calicivirus, Feline viral rhinotracheitis (herpesvirus), Feline Panleucopaenia, feline leukaemia and Feline chlamydiosis at 9 and 12 weeks before they leave us. Our vaccination protocol covers much more than the basic core vaccination programme given by most breeders.

8. All our kittens are microchipped before they leave us, greatly increasing the chances of you being reunited with your pet should it be lost or stolen.

9. We have a rigorous parasite protocol. All kittens receive a broad spectrum of parasite control whilst with us, covering for Coccidia, Giardia, Hookworm, Tapeworm and Roundworm. Our adults are regularly treated for all the above, as well as receiving monthly preventative treatment for fleas and mites. Additionally, we regularly test stool samples to make sure nothing escapes us. This is also how we can state that our cattery is Tritrichomonas Foetus clear.

bengal cats

10. All kittens going to their new homes as pets are neutered before they leave us. This removes the stress and the hassle for new owners who then have to organise this themselves, we can deal with any complications (rare) so saving new owners this worry, and it means that we are helping to combat the big problem of unscrupulous back yard breeders, as our kittens will never be targeted by them.

11. Our kittens leave us at 14 weeks old (later if going abroad). This means that they are weaned naturally from mum and socialised with her and their litter mates. This means that nursing does not end abruptly. This is not just about food, but about safety, communication, the developing immune system and learning. It is cruel to end nursing too soon and causes stress and anxiety to both kittens and mum. It is worth remembering that in the wild, a kitten would never leave its mum at 8 weeks old. It simply wouldn’t survive or be able to hunt for itself.

12. Your kitten will have been thoroughly health checked by a vet four times by the time it leaves us.

13. All kittens leave with four weeks complimentary health insurance to cover for the unexpected.

14. We are extremely knowledgeable, committed, passionate and experienced with the Bengal breed and we are available to answer your questions once you get your kitten home, or help you find the answers you need. We stay abreast of research, genetic and medical developments within our breed and work closely with vets.

15. Angeldust Bengals has a valid Animal Activities License granted by Stockport Council. Our License Number is 20/00353. Since October 2018 there is a legal requirement in England that all cat breeders (that sell more than one litter of kittens a year) must have an Animal Activities License and must display this number on their website or social media page. It must also be displayed on any adverts they run online. This licence is council inspected and involves regular spot checks.


When enquiring about a bengal kitten, please tell us a bit about yourself and the home you can offer one of our bengal kittens, including who lives at home, working hours, children etc. This helps us find you the best kitten for your household, activity levels and circumstances. Leaving a mobile number will ensure a quicker response, usually the same day. Email only enquiries will usually be responded to within 48 hours.