Kikimora: Melanistic Female

SIRE: Elysor Pasha
DAM: Bluelagoon Noir


FIV & FeLV: Negative
PKdef: Normal
PRA Bengal: Normal
PKD: Normal
PRA rdAc: Normal

HCM   : Normal
COLOUR GENETICS: a/a/C/cs/D/d   Melanistic

Kikimora is a stunning melanistic Bengal, and is just like our very own little panther, with her gorgeous green eyes, long, muscular, substantial body and her beautiful, glass like black coat. We love her long hind legs and well placed pelvis, that give her the desired lift in her back end, just like her wild cousins. It is these characteristics that we felt would compliment our breeding programme. In the right light, her very large rosettes can be seen and she is an incredibly glittery cat. She has such a loving and affectionate personality and it's impossible not to love her. She produces sensational brown rosetted and snow lynx kittens.


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