Fleur: Brown Rosetted Female

SIRE: Glitterglam Firestar
DAM: Glitterglam Banshee


FIV & FeLV: Negative
PKdef: Normal
PRA Bengal: Normal
PKD: Normal
PRA rdAc: Normal

HCM   : Normal
COLOUR GENETICS: A/A/C/C/D/D   Brown Rosetted

Fleur is our stunning Queen, bred here at Angeldust Bengals. There are many reasons that she stayed within our breeding programme. She has a good sized head, with pronounced whisker pads, well placed ears and excellent round eye shape. She is a large, robust cat, with a long, sleek, muscular body, and her hind legs are a little longer than her front, giving her a superb wild cat gait. She has a medium length, thick tail with a rounded, dark tip and good placement. Her coat is extremely short and dense, giving it a glass like feel. It really is completely luxurious and so soft to the touch. Her colouring is superb and her very desirable rufus colour means that she has a gorgeously rich, warm ground (background) colour, and she is also drenched in glitter. She has striking, large, well defined rosettes, with sharp outlining and amazing contrast. She even has spots on her legs. Her shoulder markings are also very beautiful. She has a very sweet, loving personality.


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