Velvet: Brown Rosetted Male

SIRE: Viola Alba Jonathan
DAM: Bennvoyagee Katchoo


FIV & FeLV: Negative
PKdef: Normal
PRA Bengal: Normal
PKD: Normal
PRA rdAc: Normal

HCM   : Normal
COLOUR GENETICS: A/A/C/C/D/D   Brown Rosetted

We waited a very long time for Velvet, who came to us from Russia, and he was certainly worth the wait. He is a large cat, with a muscular build and substantial boning. His neck is muscular and long and his tail is of medium length. He has such a beautiful head, which is correctly proportioned to his body, a great profile, and has high cheek bones. His smaller sized ears, with rounded tips, that tilt slightly forward are very difficult to find in brown, glittered Bengals with this depth and richness of colour. His eyes are oval in shape and golden. His pelt like coat is incredibly soft, silky to the touch and highly glittered. We have yet to come across a coat as luxurious as Velvet's. He has the most beautiful, big pancake rosettes. His contrast is striking, his golden ground colour is crystal clear and his huge, two toned rosettes are vivid in richness, colour and definition. He has the sweetest personality and is so affectionate and loving. We are so grateful to Zhanna at Viola Alba Bengals for trusting us with Velvet.


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