Ruby: Brown Rosetted Female

SIRE: Ambersands Raj
DAM: Bellator Kikimora


FIV & FeLV: Negative
PKdef: Normal
PRA Bengal: Normal
PKD: Normal
PRA rdAc: Normal

HCM   : Normal
COLOUR GENETICS: A/a/C/cs/D/d   Brown Rosetted

Ruby is a very breath taking Bengal from our own breeding. She has a very good head, which is correctly proportioned to her body, and has a good profile. She has high cheek bones and gorgeous, big, green, oval eyes. She has a robust, long body that is very muscular in tone. Her pattern and colouring are truly spectacular. She even has spots within her giant rosettes and spotty legs. Her coat is like glass and utterly luxurious. Her colour and contrast are vivid and extreme, and her pattern looks like it has been drawn on. She is highly glittered too. She is a loving girl and loves our company. We are immensely proud of Ruby and know that she will be a tremendous asset to our programme.


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