The charcoal Bengal cat comes in brown, silver, snow and blue, and are much darker than these standard colours.

Charcoal Bengals look as if they have a masking layer on top of their standard base coat and will have a dark face mask and a thick, dark cape that runs along their back. These are often refered to as Zorro markings. The spots or rosettes on a charcoal Bengal are filled with an inky black colour, but a charcoal Bengal should still have contrast. They will have white markings surrounding their eyes that will look like spectacles.

The eye colour of a charcoal Bengal can be green, gold or copper. Eyes can also be blue if the charcoal is also snow.

For a Bengal to be charcoal, it must inherit one copy of the non agouti gene (a) and one copy of the charcoal gene (Apb), one from each parent. The Apb charcoal gene comes directly from the Bengal cat’s ancestor, the Asian Leopard Cat.


Snowfire Hera of Angeldust

Charcoal snow mink bengal


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