The snow lynx, or seal lynx, is the lightest of the snow colours and are often born with no markings, or ones that are just visible. Their base coat is a creamy white and their markings will get darker over time. Markings will be brown, grey or tan. These Bengals always have blue eyes.

The snow lynx, or seal lynx, gene (cs) has been passed down from outcrossing with the siamese cat. It is recessive so a snow lynx must inherit one copy from each parent (cs/cs). Although, typically this is the snow with the least amount of contrast, a skilled breeder will use their genetic knowledge to create good contrast in these Bengals. Unless your Bengal is a solid snow lynx, a snow lynx Bengal won't display the intense points of a Siamese cat (on their tail, face, ears or feet). Their points should be the same colour as their pattern.


Martynacat Sita of Angeldust Bengals


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